The Abortion Debate | Steven Crowder and Stefan Molyneux

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  • DarkQuark reply All abortion is murder. Not to mention a scourge on society. You cannot devalue some life without devaluing all of it.
  • GoodTimeHolzy44 reply Carrying a baby to term isn't a forced positive obligation because the mother VOLUNTARILY had sex and got pregnant.
  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply Truth is abortion either by herbal means or physical procedures has been around in every culture to one extent or another. Not just this century but 10s of thousands of years. What is worse: have the child live a life of neglect and abuse or being more merciful and avoiding a life of pain and waste? There are many back and forth examples of both sides. But given that there are millions of babies and children who die every year of abuse, starvation, and/or disease what is the more merciful action to choose? Should we just preserve all life for the sake of preserving life or should we consider the future consequences of such choices? Many questions but no straight line answers. We need not tell others how to live their lives. It's easy to tell someone else what to do when you're not the person living with the responsibility. But a crack mom pumping out 8 kids with problems is not merciful with for the kids. To be born in abject poverty with an addiction you didn't choose to a mother inca...morepable of caring properly and an absent father, that is not a life that will achieve any prosperity. Very few make it out of a bad situation like that. Eventually society will have to pay for it either through welfare, justice system, or creating more of the same misery. That's not quality of life. Life should not be a misery sentence all for the sake of being altruistic.
  • [ – ] Pyrohead70 reply Abortion is NO matter on state interference or control of women’s bodies. It is a matter of life and death. Children of rapists will be financed by the rapist or the family of the rapist.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Nope. If a girl gets raped and pregnant the phoetus should be aborted immediately so that the rapist's disgusting genes don't spread. We need higher quality people in future generations, not degenerate monsters. These people should not have their genes survive. I have been very careful to never get a woman pregnant because i can't afford a kid. I would absolutely never dream of forcing a woman to have sex with me... in fact.. even when im dating i am not controlling. Why should a responsible, kind person like me never have a next generation when some filthy subhuman animal who forces himself upon a woman have their genes continue?? That is ass backwards if you ask me.
      • [ – ] DarkQuark parent reply Was Margret Sanger your grandmother? You are describing eugenics which is beyond evil.
        • Pyrohead70 parent reply He is talking about eugenics. Which explains his ass backward thought processes. Lots of people who are the kids of assholes don’t always turn out to be horrible. Ben Carson’s father left him, a cowardly act. If you want someone to die simply because they are the product of an unfortunate and horrible event, then they are like you said, evil.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I definitely saw the male pattern baldness comeback on this one.
  • Revengex reply Yes we all have fundamental rights under the US Constitution. But those rights have to give way when another fundamental right (a child's life) is infringed. Every time, as a matter of law, we designate a human or humans as something other than protected "people" under the law, we create a horrible Injustice. Women, and slaves for example. Also, some arbitrary set of months created by an unelected body, with all due respect to the Supreme Court, without embacing an advancing medical system, is capricious by definition.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lateterm abortions are messed up.youve already come that far...At that point i have to pull a gary johnson and say JUST BAKE THE #&$^ing baby
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Abortions are expensive.... the pullout system is way better and far more moral. Pullout system = free and no phoetuses have to get thrown away; No babies are cached out either (late term). But the key to the pullout system is... **drumroll please** you have to actually pull out. i think this is where many go astray.
    • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply What is that old joke? "What do you call a guy who uses the pullout method as a means of birth control? Daddy!"
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply these guys never touch upon the real story the real truth, they use the least intelligent means to distract people from the ISIS Islamist take over that is going on world wide, the fall of Britain, the fall of Germany the fall of France the fall of Australia and Canada soon to come
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