Everyone Was Wrong about Pewdiepie!

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  • pengicitis reply True, I didn't think he was gonna delete his channel but it would have been an interesting and unexpected discussion if he did. Good video!
  • [ – ] LuminousDragon reply Im not complaining in anyway about pewdiepie, and I chuckled when I say his threat video. --- With that said, he certainly could have deleted his channel, then gone over to ANOTHER website, such as vimeo or vidme. He could have gotten a special deal to go to a different website. That would be a serious threat to YouTube because that could seriously cause a massive group of people to leave youtube. It wouldnt matter if 1% of only users left youtube, that would still be a huge threat, not because immediate loss of revenue, but because that 1% mwould go with pewdiepie, perhaps to vid.me. THAT would legitamize vidme, grow it's userbase and amount of content and all around make vidme a serious threat.
    • LuminousDragon parent reply Side note: When i typed "pewdiepie" it didnt recognize it as a word, and when i right clicked, it suggested "sidepiece" . TIL: Pewdiepie is a sidepiece.
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