Vidme Vlog: Verification and The Grind

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  • [ – ] Cut_It_Games reply I'm not sure I agree with you guys on this one. I have a verified channel and I'm trying to set up this channel as a secondary one so I don't inundate fans with content they're not interested in. But vidme has yet to verify this one. And that's ok I get it, gaming videos tend to be longer format and space is an issue, ect ect. But I do wish Vidme would actually provide reasoning behind why they don't verify a channel. Then we could actually fix the problem before we reapply. The appeal of video content sharing sites like YouTube and Vidme is that no single creator has a leg up on another and that's what the verification tier is right now. I think verification should strictly be a process in which the identity and ownership of the content is verified. I've seen channels stealing content from YouTubers, who have not come over, and pretended to be them. That is a channel that shouldn't be verified but to not verify a channel that doesn't have enough followers or views or points is silly ...morebecause a lot of users won't follow creators who aren't verified. Then there is just a logic loop and that creates a barrier for viewership. I wouldn't even care if the verification process was more stringent and longer with a mandatory skype call or something. Not being upfront with creators is a big problem YouTube had and continues to have. I really don't want Vidme to go that direction.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply pretty much from what i've gathered, the changed the verification stipulations to save on space, spam uploading, and because they only have one person on the task of verifying. chances are that you're not getting a response is because they haven't gotten to you again yet.
  • [ – ] AnimeJostlers reply Does conversion from YT use less storage? My issue is that all the compression in the world isn't making my 3 hour podcast fit into 1gb.
  • [ – ] jrswab reply I got verified after the rules got updated (aka today lol) It was not very hard; I don't feel the rules are strict by any means. It's a good measure to keep vidme's growth at a manageable pace for the staff. Hard work pays off and also networking... Good video man, you made a lot of great points <3
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply thank you :0 yes it does keep it manageable. something i forgot to bring up is that the Vidme staff is still only 12 people. they had a huge backlog of channels wanting to be verified and only one person on the task of verifying.
  • [ – ] DinkyGames reply I think the verification thing is good to have in place. I believe it gives folks something to look forward to when creating their content and to improve on what they already have, like a reward and self gratification once achieved. Seeing YT going thru the meat grinder at the moment and the reasons why they changed their policies reinforces that. It kind of helps keep all the negative stuff low I guess? It also helps boost creativity, people don't want to see crappy material.
  • [ – ] StrikeRaidUnion reply good video dude just gotta keep at it. But it can be very discouraging when you get very little views
    • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply thanks :) yes. it can be. sometimes it feels like kicking a dead horse when you put a lot of work into a video only to get little to no views or interactions on it. but you have to keep going and work on advertising yourself. try posting your videos on reddit. more specifically, the r/videos.
    • [ – ] JoeTheAltGamer parent reply I felt the same way when I started too. Keep working to make that great content and then when you're satisfied with your work try and find ways to promote your work! Start at a base level with friends and ask for constructive feedback. Then work from there. 😀😀 I'll help provide feedback if you'd like 😀 Btw, I don't know everything, I am learning too with you all 😀
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply I think Vidme should be considered to be in beta mode. With all the new users coming over, they're going to change and update things to find the proper balance to make the website and the platform the way they want it to be.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply yes. that's perfect. they're still working out the bugs and experimenting with different ideas. there's going to be bumps along the way and failed ideas. we just need to have patience.
  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply Good video. :) Feel the need to bring up something, though... there's maybe too many people that got bit on YT itself because they were doing really shitty things or people that got popular enough that they could get away with doing some really stupid crap and treat the fans wrong. I think too many are expecting like.. YT numbers when even just with that, it wasn't the fans themselves that were the ones giving money on those videos ( not counting Patreon and the like these days but those have been abused pretty hard too ). People don't have all that loose change all over the place. Ad companies of course did and there was a bit of gaming the system...and that was a mess. Treating every person that comes across your videos and your work as if another cow to be milked for everything possible is fucking awful but folks seem far too used to that behavior and wave it off. -The other part I wanted to mention was kinda as you said.. you really need to think of this something as something ...moreyou want to do and will likely spend a lot more than you'll ever get back for having done it. Don't go into anything of the sort thinking you can make some sort of living off of videos and not do work in the real world where everyone does their part ( AND MORE ) to keep the cogs moving. Go into this as something you just wanna toy around with as a hobby. Has to be more a work of love. Passion project. ..maybe I'm just ranting.. dunno. x_x Heh. Sorry, Shark.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply its cool :) feel free :) right now, ya, we're not going to see YT numbers right now. but right now we need to focus on quality.
    • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply ..all that and didn't even finish my thought.. crap. I see the change in verification rules as more to tell folks to take more time on those videos instead of just tossing out without giving a little more care in the quality.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply I feel positive too with the change of the verification system because it would help the Vidme team whether a Creator is truly dedicated and deserved to be verified. :)
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply yes. youtube used to have this same system some years ago. i'm pretty sure for roughly the same reasons (back when they gave a damn)
  • [ – ] ShaxxUK reply I can only upload around 2, 5 minute videos a week. I guess this 1GB thing is doing me good because I look forward to every upload. If I didn't have the cap on me I think I might be burn't out already. HOWEVER I still want verification badly as I want to make videos everyday rather then every week.
  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply SHAAAARK!!!! let me subscribe to you. Turn it on you goony
  • [ – ] Trap_Luverz reply From what I see...some people who are already verified still spam the upload page, so that problem still exist. Though it certainly must be less upload spam than before. Point is it still happens and it makes it much harder for the new people who get spammed out and also have the upload limitations. I am happy about the 3gb update though, I can work with 3gb a week! Woo-hoo!
  • [ – ] whitevanman reply keep your passion .. as you get older life gets in the way so just make the most of it if you can guys, also diversify your horizons... im not realy into games but watchin new youth pushing boundries is flipin great.. its your thime to take over the world so do somthin brilliant with it and have fun......Please!! up the USA...from the UK
  • [ – ] TheScreaminGoat reply We over grinding like we playin Pokemon.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply Got to keep up the grind if you want to be successful. Very true!
  • [ – ] JoeTheAltGamer reply There's some great stuff here! I'm so happy I've found ya on vidme! You have a lot of heart and good constructive advice! I completely agree with passion and how it will fuel you! I started on YouTube in December 2016 and I had a lot of Areas to refine my style. As I worked to refine and improve my videos got better bit by bit. Now it is May, and I'm really happy with my improvements and my content. And I'm still looking for new avenues to improve. I wanted to share this to show a personal story/example to the information you're conveying! If you're passionate about something, you'll be willing to put in the hard work to work towards that success. Passion is to never stop trying. Again, great video 😀😀 I hope you have a good day!
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply thanks dude :) i started trying the whole youtube thing and it was going nowhere. i met a lot of good people in the process :) even though this is a fresh site its still going to take a lot of work to get anything going on here. keep working at it and keep experimenting and improving :) and welcome to Vidme :D
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