Vidme Vs Youtube! The trending page Friday night fight night.

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply No contest between the two, please someone tell me, which trending page is from a video just who cares about it's creators and which page cares about big corporations
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Nice comparison bro vidme respects all small content creators unlike youtube who promote big channels and the mainstream medias and keeping us small content creators in the dark. I am I stopped posting my videos on that deceitful website.
    • ShakotsuGaming parent reply Nice to hear it, lol I love your channel I feel like I'm on some secret organization fighting the evils of the world when your speaking on topics. Haha
  • [ – ] Apepresident reply Yeah, it's really sad that big corporations that already have exposure and tons of money get even more exposure and money from youtube rather than supporting smaller creators. I really love the "New" tab and the "random creator" tab (under explore, it's on pc don't know if it's on the phone app). Not only makes it way easier for us to actually find new things we haven't heard about, but it also gives small channels the chance of actually being discovered. Really like the way vidme is going right now. Hope they can keep that up and don't start selling their soul to advertisers and big corporations once vidme gets big enough.
  • [ – ] UncleFishy reply I like your channel here bro... I'm a guy who was making YouTube videos/ Omegle videos and I've been noticing a lot of my videos are going private and I can't find any of my videos unless I search really hard so I've decided vidme as a creators site and also new viewers would get my video seen so I've been uploading them on here I work very hard my videos and I want people to comment and like give me criticism on and stuff like that and have any communities an awesome Community I like a lot of the channels..uncle fishy out ...
  • [ – ] SaharaMist reply I literally LOL'd when you said "a butt load of money". XD It was probably the first time I laughed all day to be honest, but I love this video and how you compare the two video platforms. I haven't been here long, but already I feel the difference and that this community is by far the nicest and supportive.
  • [ – ] Vidav94 reply YouTube has drastically changed.
  • MrRogut reply I have little to be in vidme but I already realized the difference, I really like this platform. Although I am a few Spanish-speaking channels, I hope the community grows a lot.
  • [ – ] SimonVlogs reply To be fair though the call of duty, cars 3, simpsons videos (trailers) aren't monetized. I see your point you're making just counterpointing.
  • [ – ] HotWithoutABuzz reply YouTube had been raid by mainstream media. People are jumping ship
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply i wasnt trending on vidme or youtube on friday = both trending pages are sh*t
  • WessyPoosDigitalAdventures reply Definitely agree with this 100%.
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