I Am Getting Death Threats

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  • GoMGTOW reply I recommend you buy a 38. snub, get a CHL, and take an approved practical defense course.... Lot of crazy people out there. They can see you, but you can't see them! All lights and glamour aside, you make yourself a target to wingnuts and perverts when you expose yourself to the interweb. As a Woman, you of all people should be trained and ready to meet such threats with deadly force, as Women account for 85% of all sexual assaults! The statistics speak for themselves, ignore then at your own peril.... For I have no sympathy for the unarmed.
  • Reidebot reply Hey. I remember you. I spoke to you on PULL before you got banned (I was the one trying to get you to delete links to your channel before the mods found out). Anyway do you know who is doing these threats? Is it related to "Those" sites? If so then usually it's just talk. However they can be quite dangerous with things like hacking, finding out personal info, doxxing (to be more specific) and more. They tend to bounce off each other and basically play Chinese whispers. That's why I warned you to separate your identity with those sites and topics. Just so the veiwers know the maturity of these sites, "I'm banned on lolcow for 2 years for saying "XD"
  • DynastyStar reply Can you define a "Death Threat"? Are we talking about the "You Suck" kind of "harrassment", or are we talking about the "I'm outside your house right now, here's a picture of it and if you don't stop what you're doing, I'm going to slit your throat" type of death threat? If its the latter, then go to the police(they will actually tell you to NOT post a video like you are now as I have heard and they'll just say for you to come to them with your evidence). If its the former, then I hope you get a thicker skin.
  • zoldos reply Good job. I hope these a**holes get in trouble!
  • Pathagas reply Personally, I'm too lazy to go to the police about someone on Rocket League telling me to kill myself (I know that's not what's happening to you). It happens a lot. Of course, this is just over the course of a 5 minute game in most cases and not repeated harassment.
  • JustABloke reply Nice work Jamie ... a little research goes a long way, and nice knowing others have gone before you that support you.
  • Aaronshy reply Seriously? Death threats?!!!!!!!! That's awful.
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