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  • [ – ] smb2222 reply Suze..don't look too far into're a very attractive, well grounded and sincere person from what i can tell from your video ..there are many men looking for different things, so don't read into every encounter this way. Believe me, if a man is truly interested, he will continue to pursue you. maybe a good idea is to join groups that are keen to your interests and someone will come into your life when you least expect it. This way, your'e still focusing on your interests and goals, but also surrounding yourself with people with common interests. Just a suggestion, but feeling down about your looks is a waste of time..your beautiful :-)
    • AdventuresOfSuze parent reply Thanks. I think feeling down after rejections can be normal. But you're right. You're not what loves you, you're what you love. Plus the way someone treats you shouldn't impact how you feel about yourself. But im@not going to rush away the feelings either. Just make space for them and be ok about feeling shitty!!!
  • [ – ] BackSoon reply I figured out that as soon as I stopped looking for someone, I found someone, or they found me. Do your life, enjoy yourself and have fun because all of that is attractive to other people and in time you will find someone that wants to be with you for you. Don't let the dumb stuff get you down.
    • AdventuresOfSuze parent reply I agree! But to be honest that's what I do!! I enjoy my life and get on with many things...but I thought perhaps at my age if I want to meet someone maybe I should put some effort in! I have girlfriends who were working their whole lives like me..suddenly reached late 30s and no partner in sight and despite working their whole life had no savings....but I am thinking that Kyle Cease has it right..ask the soul not the head...many people have babies because the head says "we're getting old folks!" But only listen to the soul!!!!
  • VazquezHDTV reply Someone will come across.
  • iJimUK reply Dude, you know that you will find the right person, usually when you least expect it, when you stop looking that person will turn up, maybe here maybe at your exhibition you never know. To answer your question on whether your content is any good, yes it is. It is real and honest and that is something a lot of content creators forget, to be them selves. Don't feel your vlogs are out of date. They are memories, moments in time and something for you and everyone else to look back on and learn from. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger x
  • Netsurferx reply Chin up - love usually happens when you least expect it.
  • paddyhardon reply Are you going to continue the authenticity challenge
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply your a beautiful woman! you'll find the one for you ;)
  • [ – ] MikeTheMugger reply You've got a better sense of yourself than a lot of women I've known.
  • [ – ] MikeTheMugger reply If you weren't into the guy that spurned you, why should you let that get under your skin? Don't waste your time feeling bad about indecisive people.
    • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze parent reply I was shocked that he lied to me. I had been transparent with him. The thing is there's a habit in our society of thinking people can't handle the truth so they lie. Lies always create more pain because it's hard to regain trust
      • [ – ] MikeTheMugger parent reply Unfortunately, there are some men that think you will "change your mind" later. Normally i would be inclined to agree (for some of us introvert types that is how we roll), but because of the vast age difference here: he was dreaming. MGTOW men in particular do not like to hear this BUT men DO hit the wall also. Sad fact of life, boys, we get old too.
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