Scum's Wish Review/First Impressions {EP 1 - 4}

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply It's deviant to the core but I can't stop watching this anime. Like you said I would not be surprised by a School Days ending because with this anime everything is on the table.
    • MissMulti parent reply I know exactly what you mean, i also feel like that. I feel that i probably shouldn't be watching this but something just pulls me in. I'm so curious about how it's going to end. Thanks for stopping by i always look forward to your opinion!
  • [ – ] The_Holy_Apple reply I imagine this is from your Everything Anime channel? :D Definitely an odd concept for an anime but i'll stick to my "kick the hell out of everything" animes :D Very nice review though MM :D very in depth
    • MissMulti parent reply Yes i didn't see the point in making a seperate account for my anime channel because i'd have to make a new email xD I'm too lazy for that lol. It's a very weird anime for sure i still don't even know how i feel about it lol. ah action ones are nice but you are missing out on some real gems! Thanks for watching :D
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