Atheism isn't Edgy or Amazing- It's Dying Out Worldwide

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  • [ – ] Dinky_ss reply I guess...atheism is stoppable :^)
  • [ – ] Shimeran reply Thanks for calling out folks who are aggressively atheistic. It's interesting seeing how attitudes affect demographics.
    • [ – ] Nicodemous52 parent reply A guy I met on gave a name to the folks that have turned atheim into a religion by dubbing them, Scientheists. (The merging of the words, Science and Theists) Yeah, I don't have much of a problem with athiests or atheism when they are legit, but the ones that have turned it into a religioin complete with dogma. I boarder on hate for those folks.
      • thoughtcrime1984 parent reply Don't forget about those who replace God with Government. "Statheists" (Statist Atheism) If Christians come knocking on my door telling me I'll go to hell if I don't follow their rules and share their beliefs, I can laugh them off and slam the door. If 'democrats' or any other Authorities / Politicians do so, it's highly probably I'll end up in an actual hell - *prison*. Yeesh.
      • NicksRadio parent reply For a while now I've simply been calling them Faitheists.
  • [ – ] CommonSense__ reply If a-theism is a belief then not-stampcollecting is a hobby and baldness is a hairstyle!
    • nibris parent reply Not stamp collecting isn't a hobby, but being an asshole who devotes himself to trying to shame others for collecting stamps and attempting to convince them to stop definitely is
  • shimmer420 reply I still think that the world would be a better place without religion
  • [ – ] nibris reply Atheists love to claim that atheism isn't a belief system and that you can't be forceful about "the lack of a belief." Not believing in god(s) is identical to believing there is/are no god(s), which is an active belief. And Atheists *are* incredibly forceful about it. Each year several movies come out whose sole purpose is to crap all over theists and promote atheism. That's the entire premise to many TV shows like Family Guy. Which is more invasive and forceful: a couple of missionaries knocking on your door once every 3-4 years, or being unable to watch TV because there's constant attacks on you as a person because of your beliefs?
    • [ – ] EdgeOfReason parent reply And Christians and Muslims do not make movies or series to promote their preferred religious philosophy every year???
      • [ – ] nibris parent reply How many of those movies are automatically acclaimed by critics and given preferential screenings over other movies? Religious movies come out, but with the exception of the Passion of the Christ from decades ago, I challenge you to try to name a single one that's come out in the last 10 years that wasn't immediately buried by Hollywood and had anywhere near the publicity of The Invention of Lying or Sausage Party
        • [ – ] EdgeOfReason parent reply Go to Islamic shitholes and turn on the TV and see the enormous amounts of religious shit they feed their people. TV evangelicals is not just a Christian thing. Islam has their share of TV indoctrinations.The only difference is you do not hear about it cause you would actively need to search for it. If you knew how to type in Arab you would be amazed the shit that is online just out of your vision. The Reason why you do not see it big in Hollywood is cause A: Hollywood is Liberal/Lefty and Christians tend to be conservatives or Republicans and No one would want to watch that shit anyway and thus it would not sell and has no Market Value. The passion of the Christ was funded by Mel Gibson Himself, Btw.
          • [ – ] nibris parent reply "The only difference is you do not hear about it cause you would actively need to search for it." Yes, thank you. You summed up my point perfectly for me. You need to out of your way to search for religious media, whereas atheist and even anti-theist media assaults you every time you get online, turn on the TV, or go to the movie theater. You don't have to actively search out atheist media, you need to go out of your way to avoid it. Christians are always accused of "forcing their religion down your throat", but, as you yourself pointed out, the only times that you even hear about religion in a non-disparaging way is when you actively seek it out. Why are atheists not accused of forcing their atheism down your throat when it pervades almost every branch of entertainment and people need to make conscious efforts to avoid seeing it whenever they use the computer or TV? Additionally, religious entertainment is almost always promoting the religion with no emphasis on any other groups. I...moret exists mainly to edify and uplift those who are already religious. Atheist entertainment is the polar opposite--atheist entertainment exists solely to demean, insult, and disparage dissenting point of vies. It doesn't edify atheists or promote positive vibes, all it does it insult you if you're not an atheist. If you don't see the blatant hypocrisy and you're still missing the pont of my response, then frankly you're a lost cause.
            • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply I actually have never experienced an atheist knocking on my door (or hitting me up on a train for that matter) try to convince me of his non-religious agenda; with religious people it is a totally different story. There was a time a few years ago i had these folks annoying me on my doorstep every single week at least once! So stay honest, please.
              • [ – ] nibris parent reply I won't refute your experiences. I personally have never been approached by religious people who wanted to initiate a conversation about their beliefs, but I recognize that in no way invalidates your experiences. It wasn't proselyting in the traditional sense, but I've literally lost count of all the times that I revealed even the slightest degree of religiosity and was immediately pounced on by atheists who couldn't wait for the opportunity to insult my intelligence and assert their unwarranted, self-supposed atheistic superiority onto me. I've experienced countless instances in which people have tried to bully or shame me into abandoning my beliefs and adopting an atheistic view of the world. I've unintentionally walked into a movie theater or turned on a TV show expecting to be entertained, only to learn that the plot was an excuse to force a heavy-handed atheistic message onto the audience and demean all religious members of the audience. Even Christmas episodes of some of my favo...morerite TV shows have been hijacked by atheists to disparage Christianity and promote atheism. Atheists may not have missionaries, but their efforts in trying to "convert" people to atheism or shame people for having a religion is vastly more aggressive and concentrated than religious missionary efforts, so stay honest please.
              • thoughtcrime1984 parent reply Really? You've never had a politician or police officer (or any other 'secular' ideologue) knock on your door? "Separation of church and state" is meaningless. So long as there are 'missionaries' who rely on force to make you fall in line with their worldview, they are for intents and purposes "religous".
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Sorry to tell you but this is absolute bull shit; to NOT BELIEVE is for guaranteed not the same thing as to BELIEVE. And believing in something unprovable seems childish to me. And i already see your answer: ' you BELIEVE there's no god!': in my mind it is impossible to believe in a 'non existence' - because i do not come up with an unproven construct, YOU (religious people) do. I know this is probably kinda difficult to understand - but it is a fact. The alternative looks like an uroboros...
      • [ – ] nibris parent reply Do you really not see the inherent dogma in your response? "In my mind it is impossible to believe in a 'non existence'." You're so staunch in your belief that any god is an utter impossibility that you refuse to even consider the alternative. You are literally the prime example of a zealot. Congratulations on further solidifying the utter hypocrisy of atheists and further exemplifying why no one can stand them.
        • [ – ] WhiteZe parent reply No atheist "believes" there is no God. There is no evidence of a God, so they simply DO NOT believe in a God. Belief stands for "an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof" How do you believe in not believing if you do not believe? - Atheism is lack of belief, not not believing in believing.
          • [ – ] nibris parent reply And I don't believe you're wrong, I simply DO NOT believe you're right. Therefore until you prove yourself correct, you need to accept by default that I'm correct. Atheist logic^^
            • [ – ] WhiteZe parent reply What are you trying to say? Is this your way of avoiding my entire comment and then label me an atheist because I disagree with you. I literally made a comment that explains why Atheism is not a belief, if you don't even want to prove me wrong how can you act like you are right?
              • nibris parent reply Now you're understanding the frustration that theists feel when talking with an atheist. You made a comment that explains why atheism is not a belief, and I automatically rejected it because your explanation isn't based off of empirical evidence or hard data, merely semantics and internal logic. Some things literally cannot be proven with hard data, things like ideas, opinions, and philosophies. So it's really obnoxious when atheists demand that theists "prove" the existence of god but refuse to accept personal testimony, personal experiences, or anything that really can't be considered scientific evidence. How can you expect someone to "prove" something to you when your prerequisites for their proof require that they work under YOUR presumptions which automatically exclude what gives people their faith in the first place? I may as well tell you to prove to me that 2 + 2 = 4 but start by saying that you're not allowed to use math, physical objects, or demonstrative examples. And I ...moremay as well pretend also pretend that I'm automatically right because I told you to prove to me something that can't be proven under the conditions I've provided.
      • [ – ] nibris parent reply Perhaps if I want to win this argument, then all I have to do is say "I don't believe you're correct." Since it's not an overt belief then you can't disprove any supposed belief and therefore you have to accept that I'm right by default. That's the logic that atheists employ.
        • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Here we are again: YOU claim the (unproven!) existence of a god; theredore the BURDEN OF PROOF lies on YOUR side. Sorry.
          • [ – ] nibris parent reply And YOU claim that your opinion is correct (unproven), and therefore the BURDEN OF PROOF lies on YOUR side. Sorry. You have to use empirical data and provable evidence to demonstrate to me that your opinion is correct or valid in any way. I'll insult your intelligence and mock if you if you try to appeal with emotion or personal experiences. I have a strong bias against your views and will likely argue against even the most compelling of arguments. Unless you can prove your belief that your opinion is valid, then you have to accept my NON-belief of the idea that your opinion is valid. I'm correct until you can prove otherwise. Very convenient logic. I can see why atheists use it all the time and pretend that it equates to intelligence.
            • [ – ] Aiwha parent reply Except that you can't prove the non existence of something, that's why the burden of proof lies on the side of those who claim the existence. Not because of proven or unproven opinion. Let's say someone claims "White ravens exist". All he has to do to prove that is find a white raven. If someone says "White raven doesn't exist", to prove that he has to gather all ravens of the world and show that none is white. And even if he does that one can still claim that he didn't find ALL the ravens, because the white one isn't there. This it is impossible to prove the absence of something and that the burden of proof lies on the side of those who claim existence.
              • [ – ] nibris parent reply Look, regardless of whether you're willing to see my example of the obnoxious, self-serving circular logic that atheists employ to pretend that they're irrefutably right, the fact of the matter remains that if you're basing your argument off of scientific reasoning, then you don't understand how it works. In fact, you've got it almost 100% backwards. If your logic was the way scientists actually think, then no scientists in the world would believe in extraterrestrial sentient life elsewhere in the universe because, according to your logic, since we haven't seen it, then it's an utter impossibility and therefore should never even be considered. We've never seen evidence of sentient life in the universe, and yet the overwhelming majority of scientists believe in it. Are they all superstitious idiots who deserve to be ridiculed and scorned because they have the audacity to believe in something that they can't prove? Same with dark matter. It's pretty universally accepted that dark matte...morer exists, but dark matter itself is impossible to detect because it's the absence of matter. You can't hold dark matter or antimatter in your hands. You can't place it under a microscope and make observations of it. What about the core of the earth? No one has ever been there. No one has ever visited the core or dissected the earth, and yet it's pretty widely accepted that molten lava and multiple layers exist beneath the crust of the earth until we get to an unfathomably dense mass. Oh! But wait! No one has ever actually seen it or been down there, so anyone who who believes that theory is a dumbass who believes in fairytales and deserves to be pounced on everytime they open their mouth on the internet. You and far too many other atheists distort this asinine and tired "burden of proof" argument to suit your needs and claim intellectual superiority because it's allegedly what scientists think, but you're dead wrong. If scientists really believed the way that you think, the the practice of science would have ended millennia ago because scientists would've tried to form theories but then immediately discarded it because "oh, I can't see it, so it must not be real." So in short, get the hell over yourself.
                • [ – ] Aiwha parent reply I have never claimed that because something is not proven, nobody should believe in it.
                  • nibris parent reply In that case, I apologize. I've met far too many atheists who assert that if you believe in unproven things and you're religious then you'd an idiot who deserves all the hatred in the world, but if you're a scientist who believes in unproven things then you're a genius and it's reasonable to believe. I'm sorry for generalizing you. I need to be better about making blanket accusations
              • nibris parent reply Hmmm...I don't believe you have a valid point. Since your claim is the existence of a valid argument (your own argument), you have to prove that any degree of validity for it exists. Until then, you have to accept that I'm right and that your only existing claim is an invalid one that deserves no further entertainment. Atheist logic is fun, right?
  • VixTradingSystems reply vocal and smarmie?? is natural among humans- it has nothing to do with a single group of any type. I suspect the 'smarminess' comes from others inability to understand basic concepts. I know it drives me around the fucking bend when others bring it up as it is being done here in the production of the video. Hey here's a thought, don't make the video if you don't want the pushback - only to cry about the pushback! lol. This is how SJW butterfly's operate. They aren't happy unless they've found something to pee their diaper about on a daily basis, lol. Back to the topic. How tough is it to understand that since there is zero evidence for any god,( much less any one specific god that the reader has in his or her minds right now), does it take, by which it would only follow that we suspend any belief. There is no evidence therefore there is no reason to believe it or anything else with zero evidence going for it. What can be believed based on no evidence given, can be dismissed just a...mores easily. And it should be, I might add. Now i get to sit back and watch every fucktard out there with a low IQ and an agenda do their best to misunderstand on purpose in many cases, wtf is being said.
  • [ – ] AssKingforever reply atheists are so mean. they treat me like a moron. waaaaa!
  • THEWhiteTrashPrince reply It's was inevitable. I'm atheist, but I actually prefer Christians to other atheists. I know 1 other atheist I don't want to kick square in the nuts.
  • [ – ] gkresurrect reply The amazing atheist actually turned me away from atheism. Then I realized there are a lot TJ Kirks out there. So no atheism for me.
    • [ – ] PaleAdonis parent reply Stuck in that highschool mindset eh? Don't want the other kids to mistake you for one of those nerdy atheists. You COULD try having a spine y'know?
      • [ – ] gkresurrect parent reply Snark much pal? Well, I'm actually not an atheist. Pretty apathetic towards any deity, alhtough it's a nice thought. Have a becoming atheist? Well, I guess I'll trade "having a spine" for having a brain instead. Thanks.
        • [ – ] PaleAdonis parent reply Then what are you? A deist or something? I just think atheists should call themselves atheists. I've been seeing an awful lot of "non-religious agnostics" lately.
  • mattytripps reply I wish bitchute was able to work on mobile
  • SquareOneGuru reply Those are some interesting stats... do you have that link?
  • HolePatrol reply Man it's like smugness doesn't win people over. Who would've thought??
  • [ – ] RayOfHope reply Religion is a willfull rejection of reason.
    • greyback_coyote parent reply That statement would align with organized churches like Catholics and political movements like Islam. Both only want to control you and gain power.
  • Platypus67 reply This is alarming and devastating news; although i never was one of these loudmouth atheists and i never felt the urge to go convert people. But i was - and still am - always open to discuss the topic, but only on a rational basis; i see no gain for either party if both sides just stand firmly on their belief (or lack of, for that matter). I am deeply convinced religions helds humanity back in terms of a healthy progress and development because most religions/ its representants do not want their followers to think for themselves - and this is dangerous and leads to stagnation. And in my opinion it is very telling and frightening that - of all existing religions - islam is the fastest growing one! I wouldn't want to see coming generations regress and live like in the middle ages; and this is the goal of this most backwards thinking of all belief systems today. So, REALLY BAD NEWS though.
  • OxAcientOrder reply It wasn't that long ago. The atheists groups would swarm on video's like this. Today. I don't expect much of a reaction.
  • Aiden_Daniel reply "Magic is science we don't understand"
  • [ – ] ChiT69 reply Unfortunately, not everyone believes in your god and will be always be so. Unless Atheists are proselytizing Gnostic Atheism, they don't have to prove it doesn't exist(how would that work?). The burden of proof would be on you. Like others have noted, Atheism is a 'belief' like empty plot of land is a 'building'.
  • swerver reply I remember back when the whole creationism debate was going on and the e-celebs of the time were AronRa and Thunderfoot. The retarded right pushed a lot of young people to the left. Then all of the SJW crap pushed people to the right. Now I am constantly seeing flat Earth crap. I wonder if the left is pushing this nonsense to get people to move to the left or if all of this stuff is just CIA propaganda to manipulate society to the direction they want.
  • Joe_Somebody reply Religious people are better at propagating but atheists tend to be in academia and usually target the children of religious people as "wrong" or "misguided" in higher education. Hence the only way they can spread their ideas is through others, not via themselves.
  • CommonSense__ reply So TJ Kirk was the community leader for atheists world-wide? I never knew… I only watched Thunderf00t, AronRa and Pat Condel.
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