Aliens VS Pokemon VS Ghosts [Elvis the Alien] Skull Commentaries

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  • [ – ] MyAbsurdum reply Yeah, definitely one of his worst videos, and good thing he took it down because it's embarrassing. His jokes are forced and he only parrots every tired joke the community has made. I think I rolled my eyes more times than he spouted "What the fuck?!" Maybe he realised how bad his video was and took it down because of it.
    • [ – ] MangaKamen parent reply Well, that was one of the reasons why I did this commentary, he says that he's gonna re-do the video, but unless he knows why his arguments are flawed and bad, he might just be doomed to make something worse. It's a shame that he blocked me before he watched the video.
      • MyAbsurdum parent reply Hmm, a shame he blocked you. I thought he would be more open-minded, but ah well. I still have faith in the guy.
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