Why do pagans worship trees??

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  • WhiteWolf2412 reply Oak Tree was and still is the most sacred tree of Serbs as well, associated with Perun ( Perkunas, Thor, Zeus, Taranis ) in our ancestral tradition. Oak Tree is actually A World Tree. Yew tree is also connected with afterlife and eternity amongst Serbs, and other Balkan/ Slavic peoples as well. Amulets and talismans were and still are made from yew tree for cattle , livestock and people , especially young children and babies alike.
  • Thornack reply very nice video. the yew three is common found on graves and graveyards indeed, cause it is also considered to be the three of life and death. I like to stroll on old cemetery's and every cemetery had very old yew trees. it is a very nice and mystical three.
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