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  • BrianAiya reply it's funny that people still believe that duffy is the CEO of vidme. That's his job, to be involved with the community and to talk to creators.
  • Rawman reply I thought he meant they knocked him down so many notches he doesn't feel motivated to create anymore due to the replies and the post being removed stuff caused him to feel this way. It's a long video I didn't take notes lol. Hopefully Duffy continues to respond to people when they are as big as YouTube lol. Running YouTube and running vidme are definitely not equal positions at the current time. No offense to them and all they do a great job. But they do have time to reply to these people at the end of the day lol. I wouldn't say swearing is a sign of low intelligence personally but we can all have opinions. Yeah man you had some good points just like he had some. Not everyone can be as elegant as Jenny Fedora with these things. Not everyone is good at taking criticism too.
  • ItsRealyReall reply I was hoping that they'd have a separate thing for the people who came from YouTube and for those who just game to Vidme/just want to be seen as that. :/ Hm... Wow, that's an odd rule. O.o At least to me. Agreed. They got a lot to deal with. ^_^
  • [ – ] KayToons reply What rule did you break on reddit you dirty lawbreaker?
  • theoldsparrow reply You have a great point in how hard the vidme staff works. Sometimes I get notifications from people on the vidme staff like a upvote on a comment while I'm asleep. So they're still working while I'm asleep. Definitely longer hours than the typical 9-5.
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply You're so nice offering help to people with views on vidme. But you don't have any views. So how can you help exactly?
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