100 Days of Making Comics: Day 1

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  • [ – ] lastwolfking reply dude gotta say i like your style, keep doing what your doing
    • [ – ] doomx2001 parent reply Thanks man! I really appreciate it! I'll take all the encouragement I can get!
      • [ – ] lastwolfking parent reply FYI Bro Dink Smallwood is the greatest RPG ever made. Dunno if you tried it,
        • doomx2001 parent reply Oh man, you've resurrected some memories right there! I remember roughly 9 or 10 years ago going to my friends house during the summer to hang out. He had a PC in his room and we would look for good (free) RPG games on CNET Downloads. Many of the good RPG's took up so much memory on your computer that downloading such games wasn't an option. But we did find a few good ones and Dink Smallwood was just that. A fun game that was a goofy take on Zelda/Link with witty dialog and fun bosses to fight. Beating the game was sad because the fun ride was over. I know many players actually made their own Dink games, but I never got to play them. I used to imagined myself one day starting a 16 bit console game company and signing the Dink Smallwood game as part of the franchise (fantasy, I know, but that is what dreams are made of). Dink Smallwood is one of the best games I've ever played.
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