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  • 1Source reply Im a Trump supporter and a proud " Deplorable " and Hillary wonders why she lost the election ! I must be twice your age, with a small business that employs 15 people. I live in Wyoming where guns are a way of life and I have a large collection of guns most of which were bought in 2016 After the anti-gun speech Obama gave in January of that year. I have a concealed carry permit and go no where without a gun. So you can see a man like I could never vote for Hillary or Bernie,it goes against every fiber of my being. My opinion of today's youth is that they are brainwashed and just thinking selves worried only about which video game will be played next,their head buried in their cell phone. Having said that, I believe you are an exception,obviously very smart,think independently,and weigh things out, but most of all have common sense and are willing to give Trump a try instead of dismissing him as a bigot and so forth. I hope maybe you may have an impact on your fellow generation many of...more whom are marching in the streets only driven by emotion and very little fact. Thanks
  • [ – ] realpat reply Trump is the president. Your statement regarding Obama expresses your failure to understand what is happening to America. Obama was never president. He and all those that colluded with him for the past two 12 years, are the traitors. The Bush's are the traitors. The Clinton's are the traitors. Trump is our elected President.
  • Tinfoilhatlady reply I am very happy he won
  • Lemonism reply Ttump won because his policies are better for America.
  • [ – ] dimreefer reply Is your name Kip? WTF
  • ImTheDaveman reply I totally respect a thinking man such as yourself. Too many tend to just jump on what seems to be the rage or thing to do without bothering to look into a matter on their own. They except anything just thrown at them, get all worked up into a kind of street mob mentality. Such actions hurt themselves, takes otherwise good kids and adults and turns them into crazy people. I wish more people would think for themselves, such as you do.
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