The Sargoneesian Saga - A Rant

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  • [ – ] Froban reply expand (possible spam) So Anita has been pioneering anti-bullying and going against harassment...and then bullies Sargon and gets her worshippers to harass him, shows how she is a complete hypocrite. But when you bully such a nice guy like Boogie2988 IS WHEN YOU'VE CROSSED THE FUCKING LINE SISTER!
    • [ – ] MegaManTrigger parent reply She's only against "bullying" and "harassment" so long as those things are defined as disagreeing with feminism.
      • Froban parent reply She's only against "bullying" and "harassment" when it means ANYONE criticising her, but because she's a woman, she feels like the rules she wants set should not apply to her, which is bullshit.
  • TiberiusDuraga reply And RazorFist rips a new one; Good job dude!
  • PureCrimson reply Can't wait for her egoistic bubble pop with nuclear explosion.
  • AdachiTohru reply Anita has a condition you see. It's called "sand in the vagina".
  • Like_Hod reply I find her very attractive. Every time someone brings her up, I get very excited.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Choosing between misandrist Feminazis and self-serving "Men's Rights" groups is like choosing your favorite cancer. Truth be told, I'm in the "what's good for the bitch is good for the bastard" camp. By the way, I suggest that you read Maggie McNeill's web log The Honest Courtesean: I bet that she'd put Sarkeesian, Quinn, etc. in their place.
  • Gamer_Nick1 reply This video actually wouldn't play for me on YouTube. Anyone else have that problem?
  • Moddedtohell reply Hey Razor, carry on.
  • [ – ] DeltaMale reply 'Dislocating her own shoulder,giving herself a pat on the back' haha I like your expressions and passion, you prepare a small script or are these freestyle
    • RazorFist parent reply I have bulletpoints. They're detailed ones, though. But scripts don't work for me. My eyes are bad, and I trip over my own words.
  • PureCrimson reply Intro is back! yay!
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