"2DS XL,Must Buy👍🏽or Nah?"👎🏾 | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Nintendo Switch

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  • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP reply Mk8 is really fun and I'm getting the nintendo 2dxl because I don't play the 3D on my 3dsxl
  • [ – ] Mrtez300 reply i think that it's a pretty nice handheld but then again Nintendo is doing too much, the switch is already a handheld console as well why release this one now.
    • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply Nintendo is trying to complement the NSwitch by offering a console for its younger audience. 90% of Nintendo Switch owners are 18 years old and up; the N2DSXL will be what you might buy your young niece or nephew. It's designed to take more abuse (probably) and at half the price point, easier to give as a gift. I think for us the 2DSXL is Nintendo's clever answer to the stereotype that Nintendo games and products are for kids; my hope for the 2DSXL is that it ultimately means more M-rated games on the Nintendo Switch.
      • Ms_K parent reply @ShinyBigBoo now those are some great points and u are probably right...I may buy my little cousin one and he's 5 years old...low key imma probably get me one too tho,lol
    • Ms_K parent reply @Mrtez300 IKR,what audience are they targeting? maybe the teenagers/kids perhaps?
  • [ – ] ThePrincessNeshh reply Still didn't buy it yet but the game looks fun
  • [ – ] KaOsBroly reply Hi K
  • [ – ] LikeAlf reply i love mk8 im not going to buy the 2dsxl i am fine with my new 3ds xl
    • Ms_K parent reply @LikeAlf thanks for stopping thru and yeah if u have a 3ds,u won't need the 2dsxl.I sold my 3DSXL,so I may grab the 2DSxl
  • [ – ] Hassy113 reply Sick video! Please keep uploading!
    • Ms_K parent reply @Hassy113 thanks and I will as long as you all keep supporting,'ll keep it flowing.It' so much fun to share content over here
  • [ – ] JMacGAMING reply I'll get a 2Ds XL. Haven't had one since the Nintendo DS. Still haven't found a Nintendo Switch yet
  • [ – ] itsBetrays reply love Mario Kart
  • [ – ] PrettyKoolCat reply The graphics on this is really good.
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply If your going to buy a 2DS you might has well spend a little extra and get the 3DS. I sold mine too cause with the Switch I didn't need it. MK8 is fun
    • Ms_K parent reply @MeekMeekGaming yeah but a lot of ppl didn't;t like the 3D aspect of it.I never used mine.i may get the 2DSXL tho, it looks clean
  • [ – ] DiGiTaLM4N reply The 2DS is so clean looking I honestly would have got it if I didn't already have a 3DS. I don't use the 3D on my New 3DSXL but it being a limited edition unit I'm not giving it up lol.
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