Tommy Robinson Talks FACTS On LBC, 9/4/2017, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Islam, Muslims.

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  • StevenAlves reply If Majid was most other people you'd have been cut off in the first minute, I'm glad he kept you on and now I'm able to give your thoughts a chance instead of everyone telling me you're racist. I'm starting to change my mind about you.
  • DH1717 reply It's not tommys job to reform islam, it's his job to point out radicalism!!
  • wolfalexzemla reply far right extremism, its called the resistance or freedom fighting
  • wolfalexzemla reply Tommy is a hero
  • wolfalexzemla reply The koran says there are no peaceful muslims
  • CraggBragg reply I think Majiid needs to knock off the expectation that everyone preface every criticism of Islam and the behavior of Muslims that it is 'not all Muslims.' He should look in the mirror. More and more of Majiid's statements sound like apologetics for Islam.
  • wolfalexzemla reply how can there possibly be a difference between secular liberal muslims and theocratic extremist. losing their life would be the only difference.
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