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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply What is A.T. Community Spirit you might ask. is for active small vidme content creators that deserve the spotlight for more support wether your a small channel who is unverified or a Verified content creator with less amount of followers, you will get a chance to be featured on my videos that i produce, only to 10 small Vidme Content Creators will be featured within the video but its only for active small vidme content creators who are active and making videos consistently. PLEASE Be on the look out for the First A.T. Community Spirit by the end of this video where i feature 10 small Vidme Content Creators who are Verified and Unverified. here are the 10 small Vidme Content Creators below. @Kirsty_J @Hoshi-Hana @BobbyTheSheep @SamEarl13 @mathphysicsnerd @GunDoctorTV @ELBADGAMER @doomx2001 @SonicMcPatriotic @Channeleven if you want to join me on a journey, then please feel free to follow me on this official vide channel, to become a proud Member of the A.T. Bro Knight Army.
  • TruthMarket reply Hey, since this video is intended for creators, I figured I would share something relevant! I created a video that lets creators see vidme's traffic numbers to see if it is growing! Great way to know if the platform is worth investing into. Let me know if this helps you and if I can make another video about this! I'm looking for more videos about this topic if you recommend anything! LinK: https://vid.me/A7I5
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply It's really good of you to be so supportive of other deserving Creators. Cheers! :)
  • GunDoctorTV reply Right on thank you for the feature!
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply Thank you. :)
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