My Picks! - Vidme Community Challenge

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  • Directionally_Challenged reply I wanted to do this challenge, but I'm still new to and don't know enough small creators outside of my friend group to pick :( But it's really awesome you did this ^_^
  • danielamann reply Awesome picks! Really great choices! Thank you for taking part in the Vidme Creator Challenge! This is really great to see a community coming together so strong and doing something like this =D
  • IgnisCobra reply Great video
  • Rawman reply presentation in this is great! echo is a big deal, hes really inspired a lot of people my self included and ive seen like 10 people shout him out. i too am super jealous of animators not only is it an impressive skill but you can express you self in this extremely unique way. i know a few of these guys but like you said others you definitely know from seeing them around and some are like the face of vidme haha. great stuff!
  • iAmEnglishTV reply Awesome community challenge! Keep it up bro
  • skpacman reply Awesome picks! I agree, these guys should get more attention. Great vid, man!
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply great picks and I enjoyed your video and enjoying the channel
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