NEW SLIMES & AREA! | Slime Rancher #5

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  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply Nice game! Your funny ;) Those spikie slims are noisy
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply What the hell did that Green Slimer think this is? Thanksgiving??
  • [ – ] WILL_SACKETT reply Best movie magic yet 😆😅
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply Hey Sal hate to sound like a complete noob. But what system are you using for your streaming. Maybe an equipment setup video?
    • [ – ] SalBerry parent reply Lol, I am also noob don't worry XD Alas I can only record not stream (I wish, but low internet speeds in the country) I'm upgrading my system very very soon and was gonna do a little tour then :) for now though it's just an old Ivy Bridge potato i5 cpu, sapphire nitro+ rx 480 8gb (OC) and 16gb of ram. Camera is a canon SX50 HS (have to take sd card out and transfer files that way) and mic is AT2020 USB+ ^^ once all my new bits come and it's all looking swish I'll get a vid on set up done XD
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