Pizzagate Properties Align with Forgotten D.C. Catacombs

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  • [ – ] janiceponchak reply Another layer peeled back. Be careful.
    • [ – ] reallygraceful parent reply The layers are endless.
      • WildBuffalo parent reply I can't share this video to facebook, because I mentioned to people who complained about Trumps tax returns - Hillary's murderous thugs, and in that same morning, twice in a couple of hours facebook started requiring me to use my real name and to submit my government ID, credit card, mail and or bunch of other means that they could use to identify me. I've been locked out for a few days so that they can review my documents that they required me to send them which I won't.
  • Lawborn reply Welcome to Vidme. Interesting video.
  • [ – ] V1dme reply You are a conduit for connecting the dots...I so appreciate your efforts!....what is enough for authorities to act! ... stay safe 👏🏻
  • sjeischen reply Wow! Thx for the video! Stay safe. Sharing and tweeting!
  • [ – ] JaqOff reply Holy crap!! Thank you
  • Humbruh reply Hey Graceful! You rock, keep em coming girl!
  • sjeischen reply Wow! Thx for the video! Stay safe. Sharing and tweeting!
  • jeff_finley reply Wow I got chills when I saw that picture of the catacombs with all the levels! I would love to explore someplace like that one day.
  • WebNoob reply I'm aware that this is serious and everything but all I can think about is when we were like 11 me and my friends built our own crappy tunnels in a forest during winter. We did it cause we saw Empire Strikes Back, not for ''pizzas and hotdogs.''
  • Yzerman19 reply Excellent video...keep it up!
  • White_Wolf reply I like the way you call it a coincidence Lasagna! Great turn of phrase!
  • TrutherTrump reply Go watch the "Franklin Report" to understand #PIZZAGATE
  • HighImpactFlix reply Glad you're here. Just followed ya.
  • KWill68W reply So awesome to see you on We need to get all the truthers off of YT and over here so we can't be censored
  • bxcope reply James aliphontis creepy basterd, needs to be in jail for child trafficking, molestation syndicate
  • porktroll reply I pray my Lord protect everyone investigating this
  • MightyMediocreMan reply I can just imagine kids being herded through those tunnels, I wonder if there were kids locked up down there? I wonder if investigations are taking place, other than Alefantis's threat to a reporter?
  • Arbetarbroder reply I think I have a crush on you! Youre the best on reporting on (dark) subject as PizzaGate 🍕 are! Thank You!
  • MaitreMarkScully reply you do a good job. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, please be careful. These people are murderers with no empathy or pity.
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