Why buy a Fatbike? Electric Fatbike?

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  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Very interesting bike :-) Have you tried drinking less contaminated water to help with your asthma? Gravity filtered water through reverse osmosis such as the Berkey is ideal.
    • [ – ] gamerdadster parent reply I have stopped drinking city water a year or so ago, and drink bottled water that I have tested for alkalinity. The Berkey is on my shopping list, no more fluoride or chlorine. I also take magnesium, but have not been taking it sufficiently and/or long enough to have the right impact. Working on it. I see your screen name, maybe this would be a good prepper tool?
      • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Really glad you have stopped drinking city water, however bottled water is often times worse, BPA's and BPF's and in many cases more contaminants are in bottled water, including Sodium Fluoride. Definitely though Alkalinity is very important and just by testing the water that's a really important positive thing that you are doing :-) A Berkey with Black filters and the reverse osmosis you won't believe how good it is man, improving the water I drink was a revelation. I drink mostly distilled water and my word the crap that's left from the water is disgusting! Smells awful too it literally is crap, waste from animals including humans.
        • [ – ] gamerdadster parent reply Interesting that you are drinking distilled water, there is nothing like an ice cube made from distilled water, crystal clear, no taste, and they take forever to melt in my experience. I use to do that as well, but the health issues are worse if you don't neutralize the water and add back what was removed. I developed Osteopenia as a result and switched back to tap water, then to bottled water from source. I check my sources, and the water. Fortunately BPAs are banned here, however I have to now look up BPFs :( The Berkey with the four filters and four Fluoride filters is my goal, and the rocks that you can add to the holding tank to re-mineralize the water. Ever use them, and suggestions other than boiling them every six months?
          • geordieprepper parent reply Yeah I love distilled water, chilled from fridge or in ice cube oh man, so refreshing. I'm not sure what you need to add back as there is nothing beneficial in water for the human body. It can be a good thing to add some trace minerals which are beneficial to us however, such as boron which binds to sodium fluoride and helps our bodies to expel it, once bound it makes borofluoride's. Boron can also help with collagen to make our bones strong, it also reduces what calcium is in the body less likely to go into the bloodstrem, which reduces pressure on the liver to remove calcium from the blood. It reduces other minerals leeching from bones too. Very good for nice strong bones.
  • gamerdadster reply I must apologize, this was a YouTube video I created before I knew of Vid.me site. I have a few more that I will post, and after that there will be no more introductions as such.
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