What's my future on YouTube???

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  • [ – ] euanaustin reply Just use both! :) You could reward VidMe followers by uploading a day before YT? Don't worry about your slow growth in subs, just keep on going :) I think your views will vary on VidMe like on YT, but probably to a lesser extent. Anyhow, will follow for more content! :)
  • Heatherlands reply I like Vidme but I'm still getting used to it and on the fence. I agree that there's more attention to my videos when I first upload them, but then they get stagnant, even when giving other creator attention. However, it's probably because we're so used to seeing YT stars with get more attention and we're still going through the motions that getting the most views wasn't the initial intention for starting our channels, anyways. It's all about putting what you love out there and reaching out to people, perhaps help each other out. That's what Vidme is all about. Switching to Vidme removes that unwanted competition and pressure to be super successful really fast and just focus on the content that makes you happy. There are so many talented YT upstarts that are so desperate for views and subs they resort to riding the trend train and ride on other famous YT names. I'm not even gonna mention anyone, cause we all know what I'm referring to.
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