Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Review

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  • [ – ] euanaustin reply The BEST Star Wars game ever! If Star Wars 1313 were made it might have a competition :)
    • [ – ] valereth parent reply Thank you for the follow btw. I really appreciate it
      • [ – ] euanaustin parent reply No problem, look forward to watching your old content and new content :D
        • valereth parent reply Sadly I had to delete a ton of my old content very recently. I got an e-mail from informing me that I had a 50 gig storage limit. I had uploaded 120 gig of video to this site by that point, so I had to delete over half of my content. You can see it all here, though:
    • valereth parent reply We're left wondering what might have been. I do find it hard to imagine that any other Star WArs game would be as good as KOTOR though
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