#RegressiveNews: 15th of August 2017

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  • [ – ] JackDinn reply The ONLY benefit I can see regarding women on the front lines is when it's against muslims, they believe if they are killed by a woman they will forfeit their 40 virgins and a place in heaven. So yea push them women out against the dark age death cult, o and maybe they can be handy in clearing mine fields too.
    • supernova743 parent reply I can't wait until the first females are captured and repeatedly raped instead of being killed. Oh the screams will tremor through the heavens from those virtue signalers.
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply It's 72 virgins. However, it is a mistake. The real translation is that they will win a 72 year old virgin.
      • Cerebrawl parent reply I've seen somewhere that scholars think it's a mistranslation from a now-dead language, and it's supposed to be 72 grapes.
      • JackDinn parent reply Cant say i ever took that much notice, pulled a number out of their ass anyhow. Nice comment, made me chuckle :)
  • [ – ] Leppa reply Ffs. The reason men tend to be the best person for the job in regards for military is because of *physical* strength.
    • Leppa parent reply To elaborate, while women on average have lower physical strength, if a specific woman is subjected to the military standards we always had, and she easily passes all the tests, then she should be allowed to join, even on the front lines. There simply aren't enough women to legitimately make up the military gender gap without lowering the standards (which we should NEVER do).
    • [ – ] OctopusOnFire parent reply Honestly, I think it has more to do with the ability to endure hardship and extreme conditions
  • Politics_N_Games reply Next, in the event of a major war, women will be liable for conscription. And women will have the feminists to thank for that.
  • [ – ] PillarofCreation reply Fuck yeah Morgan Freeman! Glad to see someone in Hollywood still gets it.
    • hcvertigo parent reply While I agree with the spirit of Mr. Freeman's point I believe that racism can be subtle and internalized to a point where the person with prejudices doesn't even realize they are actively engaging in it. I don't want a version of the Jim Crow laws aimed at taking rights away from whites or any other color, and being able to talk about racism will help prevent that. 80 years ago it was "the current year" and it was perfectly acceptable for whites to treat blacks a certain way because of the color of their skin. In 20 more years it will be the "current year" and I don't want to see white becoming the new black; I don't want any race to live through those times again!
  • TiberiusDuraga reply And thus, 50 years after the protests from the 60's, history repeats itself. Albiet on opposite sides.
  • EquallyWorthless reply Considering how much they've been poking the hornet's nest over the years, Charlottesville seems downright merciful. I recently finished an audiobook called Black Lies Matter. Compared to the incidents discussed in that book, Charlottesville isn't severe enough to warrant any attention. Several incidents of children killed in the crossfire of gang shootouts. A delinquent boy being bumped to the top of a waiting list for a heart transplant after the family cried racism, then he killed himself in a car chase with the police after he robbed a house. A man who took revenge for his child being killed by gang violence by going to a local playground and killing random children. A BLM protest on a highway that cause an elderly man in an ambulance to die because he couldn't get medical treatment in time. Gangs and White Lives Don't Matter kill thousands of people every year, but the once-in-a-blue-moon incident of a white person killing one person is apparently international news-worthy.
  • skipvogel reply Sorry, you are wrong, the current year is not 2017. It's 1983 and we are getting close to the end of the year.
  • blazedu reply Science can be skewed. But this is stupid beyond belief. I've commented this just a few minutes ago. There were some stupid students who argued that humanity should abandon all science and medicine because these are the products of the white man and we should return to black magic, because that was the ways their ancestors did. I'll refrain from imagining how fucking retarded these people could get because i'm afraid that will become reality.
  • [ – ] MitchTheRipper reply This is not two sides. Fighting collectivism with collectivism just leaves a collectivist in charge. Fighting racism with racism just leaves a racist in charge. I understand the push back, though. I also understand that the Regressive Left is ultimately going to give rise to the Lower Left and the rest of us will be pushed to take sides. That is something I will not do.
  • [ – ] PostTraumaticSquirrel reply "Why cant we assume that men just don't need to be hired" That's what it SHOULD have said... Because that is what THEY WANT. Equality? Fuck equality, we never REALLY wanted it. Its time for the "minority" to rule the earth (White) men just need to fuck off. If i was to talk to my grandmother, who was from Arkansas during the Civil Rights movement, and tell her that in my generation we would not only go backwards, but completely flip the scene... she would have looked at me funny and my grandmother still says N****r.
  • [ – ] Hank_Chinaski reply Hey Dave I'm done with youtube and their hate. First time on this site.
  • Marko_Ivancicevic reply Lol, your impersonation of a typical liberal faggot was on point! :D
  • personavitrea reply Eventually, the air force will be an office job, piloting drones while drinking coffee, thousand of miles away from combat zones. Also, shooting will be taken over by other robots, much more precise and fast than any human, male or female. A bullet doesn't bother if you're smarter, faster, stronger... that's why I say LET THEM do this stupid move, I don't think Australia will be attacked by another nation any time soon, so we will have yet another example of forced equality to laugh at. What I think will happen is that, smart women will realize soon enough that the military sucks for them, and they will leave (if they ever were stupid enough to get enrolled)... And if the Australian government wants to fill that quota they will have to force female's military service, but do you see feminists around the world supporting that?
  • [ – ] flioink reply I identify as a queer river nymph.
  • Boobe2007 reply this video hurts my soul!
  • sickofitall reply Dave, Dave, Dave, You just don't get it do you. We women are the ultimate weapon. Faced with a stronger, far more capable enemy we will bitch and whine them to death!
  • vanners reply Everyone in the US should be white, whether their heritage comes from Africa or Europe. That is because their other two colours should be red and blue. Yeah, that's right - no more segregation based on race, everyone in the US should unite under the red, white and blue of the flag - if you have the ideals of freedom and opportunity for all, then you are one. If you want domination, slavery, or compulsion - GET OUT, that's not what the US is about, not for more than 100 years!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I agree talking and peaceful talking won't work because the activist that showed up too this event, NEVER intended on having a debate. There intent was too assault, this is a premeditated attack on a planned permitted event. The Mayor of Charlottesville Va allowed this, in fact he sanctioned what happened there, because he told the police to stand down. Many police chiefs of large cities, disagree with the idea that the police stand down on the order of the Mayor. The police Chief needs to be brought in front of a court and give testemony as to the fact that he was indeed told to stand down. This needs to be conducted in a court of law and if indeed he was told to stand down by the Mayor then the Mayor needs to give sufficient reason why he did this or be charged for murder of this girl as a accomplish too this planned act of violence. The police that watched this should also be questioned during the trial that should be conducted and evidence given under oath. Their individual stateme...morents of the events should be immediately collected as their daily logs. This can be compared too their testimony as too who was instigating these violent actions. My gut feeling is the Mayor allowed this to happen and will end up in prison. Jeff Sessions should use the full investigative force of the CIA, FBI, and any other agency too gather documents, investigate the mayor and city council for neglect or connection of those that incited the violence and the government of Charlottesville Va. The event organizers with the permit should immediately start civil law suit against the Mayor and the Police for their failure too provide protection and enforce a peaceful assembly. I hope the Mayor, again my gut feeling, when found guilty, ends up in federal prison for year and the civil suit cleans him out., I believe what we are seeing is organized violence and those that are behind this are currently selecting future events too cause more violence and disrupt. That is why this needs too be investigated with extreme prejudice and evidence gathered as this truly is a terrorist organized event. What is the reason for apply for a permit if all it does is inform those that wish too ship in violent activist too disrupt a scheduled event time too gather their hired goons time to plan their attacks and bring baseball bats and helmets too carry out this terrorist action. Yes it assault with a deadly weapon, which is a federal offence. This murder and violent actions have elevated this to an act of terrorism and the resulting murder at this events screams for Jeff Sessions to raid the offices of ANTIFA, and get a list of every member that attended this event, and investigate every single one of them too see if they were involved in violent criminal assaults, I say start the investigation and military court proceedings, because the media wants too call this a terrorist act, well ANTIFA if that is so it now takes on a whole new level of urgency.
  • fibercut reply Women are getting dumber and dumber in college!
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply But... but... Dave! She's got a PhD in Particle Physics and a hyphenated last name. You'd better listen and believe!
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