The Mandela Effect: A Critical Analysis

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  • sarah reply so weird to think that the reason for this could stem from the idea of "alternate realities." all i can think about is rick and morty when i hear that
  • Pastel_Sloth reply Very good video. I like the way that you delved deep into past records of these events to debunk the theory, you obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. I think that you were spot on with the thing about how people remembered Dolly having braces because it would be fitting for her to have braces, and I think that this explanation can be applied to a lot of the examples of the Mandela effect. For instance, some of the examples you didn't mention, such as the line from Crocodile Dundee actually being "That's a knife" instead of "This is a knife" or the line from Star Wars being "No, I am your father" as opposed to "Luke, I am your father" could just be the result of people subconsciously correcting the lines in the movies to make them flow better/describe the films themselves better. "Luke, I am your Father" probably sticks in people's minds because it includes the main character's name therefore making the line a more memorable soundbite. For the record, I originally started d...moreelving into Mandela Effect examples myself because I thought it was entertaining, and I still think the idea of people living in parallel universes is an interesting theory and not completely impossible, however, as you pointed out in the video, none of the examples provided really provide concrete evidence of this. Anyway, fantastic video. Everything from the editing to the research you did highlight just how much work and talent was put into this video and for that you get a follow from me.
  • GAMEBOY036 reply I remember it being the Bernstein bears
  • Dont_smoke_crack reply Holly shut this is soo mutch better than YouTube
  • Threetard_Productions reply Its fucking bearinstien
  • Platypus67 reply Great video! Thanks for debunking this bs. As you state in the end it's very important for our sanity to rely on our memory; but even cops - who are trained to remember scenes and happenings correctly are by no means without mistakes: in germany they set up an accident with 4 cars in front of a dozen newly trained cops - and they got 12 different stories after questioning them, and the differences sometimes were as significant as some of the officers even mis-remembered the number of cars involved...
  • Belarus-Chan reply Woah I thought it was Bernstein too!
  • MaximVB reply Awesome to see LEMMiNO here 😱
  • willgoon reply Corrupted memories are not new... "Play it again Sam" for example
  • Xazra reply Is the internet corrupting our memories!?
  • Username_required reply I think someone is screwing with time travel, probably a US government agency (seeing as how we we're first into atomic energy, then why not this new frontier too?). Alternatively, it's possible there is just mass rewriting of history through use of the internet (as in deleting stuff), and careful destruction of physical material. It really wouldn't be hard to rewrite history if you have the money.
  • Talentless reply Thank you for your great videos! TV like quality like always!
  • Hikakin_Seikin reply A nice informative, deeper analysis of the so-called "Mandela Effect" by LEMMiNO.
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