3 Savages Kill 6-Year-Old Mississippi Boy Left In Mothers Running Car After Stealing It

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  • Finallimits reply This is when "Black Lives Matters" should be pissed. had the cops shot these criminal savages, then BLM would rage and rot. do you not agree JMiller?
  • Qcole reply Man, we have to do better as black people. They are savages, thanks for speaking the truth
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The fact that the child was in a running car doesn't give consent to murder. Just last week 12 people were murdered on the streets of Chicago just last week. I agree with you that her actions contributed to her child's abduction. But it has no barring on the fact they decided to kill the boy. They could of just as easily left the kid on the street corner before they drove away with the car.
  • AwakenedLogic reply What a damn shame. Yes they are savages!!!
  • [ – ] freerangehobo reply All races have idiots doing the same things. You can't blame the race; but you can blame the ideology that has raised us over the decades.
  • jovy_d reply These savages are social parasites, and they must be eradicated from the black community.
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