✰ASMR✰ Pyramid Bag Tingles

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  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Have a good vacation and will be expecting more vids when you get back. Rock on!
  • Aryk_Strykker reply Loved ur hair color in this video. Also, discovered a new trigger for me... Zippers. Who knew! Anyway, have a safe and fun vacation. Don't OD on maple syrup! 😉💜💜
  • [ – ] TirarAdeguello reply your voice and the mic were perfect in this video. I'm sorry to see you're having issues on youtube. You don't deserve to be hassled. A gentle spirit in this field of harpies.
  • SmoothRiverrock reply To get over your fear, think of the hugs you will be getting! Have a great holiday. Much love. <3
  • Emodude_911 reply I hope you have an amazing vacation. We'll be here when you get back. =)
  • AnthroBoyPrime reply Dang I'm missing you already 😞, but you'll be having lots and lots of fun and that makes me super happy 😁. I hope your flight goes as smoothly as possible. I know what it's like to feel panicky when flying alone especially when your used to going with family or friends. Try to hold onto the thought that we'll all be thinking of you and sending good calming vibes throughout the flight and entire vacation. Finally I know that meeting new people is very stressful, but promise to remember one thing Lisa. There's nothing, absolutely nothing not to like about you. You touch hearts through a screen, strike a bond of friendship without seeing us, and care unconditionally without asking for anything in return. Yourself and Nora have been so kind to me, so the thought of you both meeting up in person makes me so very happy. Trust and believe you are so worth knowing, that your aura of kindness and generosity proceeds you, and that's it's visible to all who meet you. Oh and make sure Derek ...morekeeps a shirt on in fifty percent of your selfies together please 🙏.. there's only so much hair one can take 😂. Have fun Lisa 💛💜💙💚☺.
  • robsfaith215 reply Wow there must be a ton of fluoride in the water where you are from. I will pray for you tonight. #Jesus
  • ThePieceofEden reply Lets start a guessing game about what Indigo's hair will be during the tad report every week. I guess..... pink.
  • Jojo1337 reply This makes me sooo uncomfortable. Very sorry. but not my type of video.
  • [ – ] elevedescience reply Hey! I'm sorry I haven't been so good at supporting you through Tad this week. It has been hectic. Just another reason to take the time to tell you I appreciated your work. The moments I took to watch your videos were the pauses I needed this week. Are you flying by night for your travel? If so, take a moment for stargazing: the Perseids will be at their peak on August 12th and you can't have a better view of the sky than by taking a plane. (And don't miss the partial eclipse over Montreal on August 21st. Be sure to watch it through the right equipment though.) Thank you for this video and thank you for answering the question I sent you. I am enthusiasts at the idea of a meeting, however don't feel forced as I understand very well the stress of meeting new people.
    • elevedescience parent reply (Sorry for the auto-reply, I don't know how to edit on this platform) I forgot to say that the line tracing on you bag was hypnotising. Thanks sound it made in combination with the visual effect was so relaxing.
  • FidanAliyeva reply All my Love & all my Prayers are with you, My Dearest, Precious Angel🤗Always remember that you're not alone, even when you're physically alone at home, in the plane or wherever, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, My Darling, just cuz of one simple reason: you have US ~ your devoted Army of Ghouls & your loving, adoring IndigoFamily. God will help you from the Skies & WE will help you through our Love, Support & Prayers on Earth. Always & Forever! No Matter What! EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE, MY ANGEL! You'll See!🙂Just one little request: PLEASE, take care of yourself, don't rush and don't let anything bother you, OK? In case if anxiety will want to get you think of US, of how WE all love you and wait for you, how your friends in Canada wait for you and how fantastic time you'll spend there, that you'll finally rest and have lots of fun😘👌🏻Love you so much from Earth to Skies and back💋♥️I prepared another GIFT for Anniversary of your Magnificent channel. Will keep it in secret for ...morenow😏But I truly hope you'll like it☺️Be well & safe, Sweet Darling💋♥️ P.S. Loved your gorgeous makeup, your beautiful nails (the color is amazing) & of course loved the triggers, especially tapping. Also, loved the bag with Illuminati sign on it. Very stylish!🌟👌🏻🌟
  • AlucardTepes reply I love the design on that bag. I also hope you have a wonderful vacation. Be safe. 😊
  • IndigoStars reply Skip to 7:17 if you're just here for the triggers. Enjoy! <3
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