World of final fantasy - Steel that forges destinies Ep77

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  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply Just started my playthrough series on it so I'm right at the start
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That really was an easy quest. I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since I had a Nintendo 64 in the '90s, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks for bringing us these segments!
    • MissMulti parent reply It sure was, most of these interventions have been really easy they are just short little sidequests i love the mini stories though. Oh wow that was a long time ago then! I just love the FF franchise although i haven't played a recent one in a while i was actually playing through some of the remakes xD
  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply Just started playing myself went and bought the game today.
    • MissMulti parent reply Awesome! How far into the game are you? Are you enjoying it? I am almost at the end now! Just stopping for a few sidequesties :-)
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