electric fence amateur radio Yaesu Icom Regency solar boat communications transceivers

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  • mosslack reply There needs to be a way that tells you when someone you are following uploads a new video. Did I miss that?
  • [ – ] skycarl reply That's a long crazy name,,,, but a darn good find.
  • [ – ] VintageElectronicsGeek reply I think I may remember this, wasn't this a upload on YT? Either way, very cool! Nice radios, I used to have an Icom VHF marine HT back in the 90's...never had a boat but I had the radio! :) I let my HAM license expire at the new year, as you stated in an earlier post, HAM is dead and I just didn't have any desire to erect all that steal and aluminium sprinkled with fiberglass! ~Jack, VEG
    • umajunkcollector parent reply aw, send the FCC 20$, your ticket is still good. We got to get off the internet and celery fones, and spend thousands of $ to talk on a radidio Jack.
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