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  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Maxine 'Mean' Waters knows Nancy is Unstable. 2018 Elections can't get here soon enough for me, but in the mean time, the Trump Train has lost NO Speed, but the MSM Narrative will MUTE the Trump Narrative. You can see the ARRESTS start to Ramp up with the Guppies, Then the Bait Fish and then the King Fish will eventually go DOWN on both sides of the Political Aisle.
  • GinoForever2017 reply They will not prosecute her... they are all compromised.
  • GinoForever2017 reply Glad you are back....
  • antiobama89 reply Hey Gabe, you were right the satanic YouTube took you down, keep fighting the fight and exposing the satanic liberals and the Muslim traitor obama
  • SlavicLore reply Glad you are still on Vidme. (5 Days ago you said that you are leaving Vidme) Yep. Vidme did have upload problem. Technical difficulties that affected everyone. I could not upload a cooking video. Don't give up on this platform yet. I did not know you existed, yet I was using YouTube for a long time. Never came across you. I discovered you here in politics section and I am glad I found you. Please keep doing what you are doing.
  • Tnave80 reply I made a Vidme accout just for u Mr Gabor Zolna. Find me on Twitter i fallow u there id like to share information with u. Please set up your private message on Twitter its bull shit u tube took down all your videos
  • JonSoderman reply Glad to find you Gabor, very disappointed with YouTube
  • Dresstoimpressthrift reply Awful what happened to your YouTube channel. David Seaman had a video up today about your channel. I did not see an account for you at Are you staying with Keep us posted Gabe. Your followers are supporting you.
  • alex1gx reply Sorry that you lost your Youtube account.
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