Reading Your Answers to "What Book Has Captivated you the Most?" - 2017-08-06

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  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply My favorite activity is to go a an indoor water park with my family. I live in Wisconsin where the winters are very cold and long. It is a blast to go stay at the indoor resort for a couple of days, and ride the water slides, and hang out w/ my daughter and grandkids. :) I have several disabilities that limit what I can do. As a general rule I don't do a lot, because I can't, and that is hard because I used to be very active. I even owned a small farm that I cared for mostly by myself. That is one reason why the indoor water-park is so great. We have gone several times and so far my disabilities didn't act up till the last time when my daughter from Ga visited. I was too sick the final day to go eat breakfast with her, before her trip back home. :( We had a great time until then, though. I think that Is why I enjoy your videos so much. When I was younger and in shape, I would have loved for you to teach me to do some of the cool things that you do. I would have loved to learn to do b...moreack flips with an airbag, or run along the wall like in your last video. LOL I would have loved doing that feeling like a ninja.. :)
    • [ – ] DragoNate parent reply A resort would be very nice! We don't go often to any place like that, and water slides actually kinda scare me lol, though I do love swimming. I understand how you feel as my mom is the same way. She has Multiple Sclerosis. For her, it isn't extreme. She's not in a wheel chair or anything, but she walks with a cane, or more often, a walker because her one knee gives her troubles. With parkour, I have seen videos of elderly people doing it, which is actually kinda funny to watch, as well as cute, and a kid one only one leg. I'm really glad you enjoy watching my videos, and I also know that there's something that you are talented with and is specially for you :)
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