One YouTube Algorithm to Rule Them All

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  • KilledInAdvance reply youtube can suck my left nut
  • SirRidealot reply RazorFist: some of us have left YouTube and hope you will be posting here regularly. I for one don't want to support a thought-policing platform. Always enjoy your rants. Keep speaking your mind, and support platforms that are not yet succumbed to PC crap. Best Wishes SR
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply The saddest thing is they still think they can use the dead from the start 'counter terrorism' excuse. They'll probably start censoring eachother at some point.
    • VGJustice parent reply I'd put dollars to pennies they get each other as collateral with this purge. Hell, a lot of Lefties are crying foul over this one already.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Of course, Razor makes a great point. Alphabet is based out of California...think about it, people. Hyper-liberal, hyper-progressive, -hyper-political. Also massive hypocrites.
  • RobertTLongway reply Started watching this on YouTube like a dumbass - thanks for uploading these here Razor
  • Luke_Redstar reply First post on Vidme. I am greatly upset at Youtube/Google, I am disgusted with the American Government, I have READ the leaked E-mails, and I WANT BLOOD. They are trying to bury our chance for a better world.
  • Gelbfur reply I am now waning myself from YouTube and Google's services. Fuck them and hello Razor :)
  • OctopusOnFire reply I needed to clean my subs anyway. Better star from scratch, plenty of good content here.
  • smidge_tv reply Lets end youtube
  • Broomfondle reply I've been using YouTube less & less lately, especially since the old Ad-Poalypse hurt so many creators, now I've ditched Patreon too after they showed their true colours re Lauren Southern. Seems its all got to be Left leaning or its hate speech lately. I wonder how long VidMe, Minds & Gab can hold out before going down the same rout?
  • ElCidDos reply This is epic.
  • coon_my_dude reply We`re not arguing for censorship, we`re arguing just to take it off the page" Those are one and the same bucko. Google doesnt understand anything
  • TheTrue reply Who watches the watchmen? Oops, I just assumed their gender! 😫💀
  • jfredfrog reply No doubt boobtube has agenda. They re the 800 pound gorilla in the room at the moment but this creates opportunity and alternatives will blossom, hopefully like unless they are censoring too. Doesn't look like it from this vid.
  • Froban reply Welp, there goes getting anywhere on YouTube.
  • Epica reply Left is so strong in youtube.
  • Auceza reply You are talented and you know it.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Please Sign Up For Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter Facebook & Youtube
  • AgentBJ09 reply Every time I see that election map, I'm embarrassed that my part of Texas was blue overall.
  • doombybbr reply If they actually succeeded in using a smart AI they would find all the feminist videos being buried, but as I do not think they can make an AI that smart youtube is fucked.
  • WesWyleven reply Well.... This was rather prophetic....
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