'Memes are a threat to democracy' warns Salon (LOL)

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  • GalaxyGazelleLyrics reply Wow I'm the first to comment. Hi Bearing!
  • Platypus67 reply Salon is the trashcan of today's journalism; to make such a statement is outrageously stupid! Democracy is not such a feeble social construct that it would crumble under the 'immense weight' of some memes! With the american 'democratic' party on the other hand it is a completely different story. They definitely are detrimental to any healthy society... In a sane democracy different and opposing opinions and arguments are allowed (if not encouraged) to clash!
  • peershaunm reply the leftists consider memes a threat because they can't meme. its part of the leftists equality of outcome that they are trying to ram down the public's throat. #CulturalMarxismIsCancer
  • JackHudler reply Aren't they out business yet?
  • GeorgeEnglish reply I'm not a fan of Trump but it was funny. ....... English Nationalist.
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