Twitch Subscription Tiers Incoming + New Overwatch Competitive Rules | DB News

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  • [ – ] Renyto reply there is so much less connection problems on beam good to see you on that site.
  • [ – ] Capp00 reply I'll never go outside of Tier 1, but at least people have that option.
  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply $25.00 is INSANE, no, just no! $9.99 I can see people doing, but $24.99, NOPE!
    • [ – ] DBFig parent reply My only thinking is that people sometimes donate $25 or more throughout a month to a streamer. So I figured Twitch thought, "Hey, if you're doing to donate that much anyway might was well unlock more emotes for it (and we get more more)." LOL! I'll never sub that high, but I feel that was their reasoning.
  • EddiesLife247 reply I love the subscription model on Vid.Me as its a 90/10 split.. Twitch.. no thanks.. youtube.. no thanks!.
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