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  • [ – ] Castielthesexyspacechicken reply They kill everything fun. The left doesn't understand funny. :(
  • [ – ] TheTrue reply Let it burn, they set light to themselves. I'm old enough to remember when the left was anti censorship. They wanted more vulgar language and imagery in the media. Now they find anything offensive, even within their own arguments, and want to censor it more than the religious right ever did. Hypocritical fascist morons.
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply They only wanted to stop the censoring of their own ideologies. Once they believed they'd discovered how to censor other opinions while keeping their own alive, they moved in that direction. The left has always wanted to control everyone else: socialism = control of others' money; multiculturalism = control of society's makeup; globalism = control nations' rights. They have fooled many for a lot of years. I'm not even talking conspiracy theory here: we can actually see the fruits of their labors over the last few decades.
  • [ – ] davidrd reply Just watched this on youtube and decided in the middle of the video to transition to vidme ;)
  • [ – ] RumIsHealthy reply Vidme (centralised but so far fairly neutral towards edgy content). Dtube (blockchain in its infancy, not really decentralised but it has solid economic model - it is an offshoot of Steemit which is a social network like Minds mining its own cryptocurency tradeable for bitcoin). BitChute (p2p decentralised torrent-like... the good - noone can really delete anything, the bad - noone can really delete anything including CP, gore, ISIS recruitment videos, full movies and stuff like that which mean troubles with law in near future). These are 3 big ones now as a ytubefugee I would say Vidme is the most realiable and user friendly out of them so far. I like Dtube's economic model which makes it less likely to be corrupted from the outside due to lack of finances. BitChute will have to sort out what to do with illegal content to have any long-term future and this goes also for Dtube because even though it is still centralised, there are still full movies and porn all over the place which me...moreans troubles with law rather sooner than later.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply steemit wants my phone number, f them
    • [ – ] jeff4justice parent reply That's a lot of optimism. Politics aside, Vidme also has to consider the financial implications. If it's financially toxic elsewhere, what are the odds that the 20-somethings who run Vidme in DT L.A. are going to care to defend this stuff? It will be interesting to see if Dtube, BitChute, Minds, Gab or whatever else is out there will emerge as the definitive go-to venue for the political content being purged from YouTube.
      • [ – ] RumIsHealthy parent reply Dtube got major uptade recently. It allows anyone to become a node and seed videos which means it is finaly true decentralised blockchain. The only major problem with it right now is illegal content... it would be awkward for everybody to post and watch poitical content on same platform as child molesters, ISIS etc. CNN, MSNBC and other legacy media would love it and beat the shit out of it 10 times a day. They have to sort this shit out asap, downvoting is not enough.
        • jeff4justice parent reply Thanks for the info. I clicked on it and all i see is the page header. If the site is being lazy about removing child abuse content then I want nothing to do with that filth and I hope anyone who sees that reports to FBI.
  • [ – ] KeyMarcoCat reply Follow you on minds and vidme! Forget ☭youtube☭
  • [ – ] Djangles_LeVaughn reply I remember reading a comment somewhere saying "It's 2017. The Left are going to triple down" or something like that. Whoever said it couldn't have been closer to the mark.
    • 3DMaster2 parent reply I didn't use those exact words, but I remember when everyone was euphoric as if they had already won after Brexit and Trump, and I warned them, "Hold on, guys, now it gets worse. Now comes the violence, and the censorship."
  • [ – ] SNinfoFlux reply "Future graffiti will be IP addresses written on the wall" .. prophetic.
    • DisgruntledAnon parent reply I imagine prostitutes will be writing IP addresses on bathroom stalls for users to find their teases because the EU bans porn, lol.
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I deleted my entire Google account, and nothing of value was lost...
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply You have regained your freedom as well as your soul
    • DisgruntledAnon parent reply I did the same after Jordan Peterson's email was compromised by the Google AI. The switch off of gmail happened to brick my phone because of Google Play being connected to it, but I'm happier that way, using firefox and the Orbot app. Sadly Protonmail is deleting Daily Stormer users, so I think I'll have to switch off soon once more...but for now I'm not in danger. I will be making videos soon, in the process of making a video of what I agree with the alt-right on, and then I'll be making a video discussing nihilism and depression. And Vid.Me is nice, even if criticism of the site is sometimes taken off of the reddit page or site unjustly. For the moment I think this is the best new site, hopefully BitChute will improve a bit more for the creators.
  • Jimmietherustle reply It annoys me that some foreigners have more respect for our bill of rights than some Americans
  • freethatsfunny reply They have screwed the smaller folks so bad a few I liked are giving up! Pisses me right off!
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply I've decided to watch every video I can find that YouTube shadowbans. In fact, I'd like to see a site that collects and lists all such videos.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply fuck the fucking youtube
  • Sharpwing reply Mirror, Mirror, Mirror. You don't have to be active on these sites, but if you're scared of losing all your hard work, Mirror it on as many places as possible, so you can jump ship whenever.
  • Vidmefan101Z reply Well I can see the day fast approaching when income to important news/commentary channel creators from one of the YouTube alternatives exceeds the YouTube original. At that point I hope they consider leaving all Goolag platforms and letting them twist in the wind.
  • [ – ] GeneralTiberiusxX reply This is one of the reasons why YouTube will soon be facing bankruptcy just more Bad ideas for that website that's gonna soon lead to YouTube being taken down
    • GeneralTiberiusxX parent reply I know in the end YouTube's going to go out of business and Google is shooting itself in the leg this is one of the reasons why big companies need to pay more attention to the user this is how companies fail when they failed to pay attention
  • BTAnime reply From youtube I shall join you here too
  • aidanjt reply I love the way they disable the like::dislike ratio, we wouldn't want to disprove the popularity of the video among its audiences.
  • [ – ] kiroma reply NurdRage's last video was flagged by YouTube. No reason given.
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