DuckTales (2017) - Nostalgia Critic

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  • [ – ] Giovanni4 reply Woo-hoo!
  • [ – ] PearlPoint reply This is honestly better than youtube.
  • tsurugikage reply He called her a "Crazy Old Bird ".
  • Nikolai_Volkov reply While a very good review, I'm surprised you didn't bring up one of the biggest backstory hints they're dropping: The triplets mother is heavily implied to have been KILLED during one of the previous adventures. Scrooge and Donald haven't spoken to each other in 10 years, and appear to hate each other, with Donald refusing to trust Scrooge and placing a ton of blame on him for an unspecified reason. Donald is the one who seems to have been the only parental figure in their lives and has all the over-protective signs of someone who's lost someone they care about deeply, while Scrooge quit adventuring around the same time he and Donald stopped talking and Donald turned to raising the boys. This is a pretty huge step compared to the norm for 'children's cartoons', especially for reboots which are rarely deep as is, by the latest trend. I'm not saying it isn't done at all, but it's hardly something you'd expect, especially out of DuckTales.
  • Jyger85 reply ......................................................................................................................Huey, Duey, and Louie have PARENTS???
  • richlocolive reply LIFE IS LIKE A HURRICANE!
  • [ – ] TommyDiazMillan reply After this, do a mini-review of Wakko's Wish.
  • UnicornOfWar reply I really loved this. The writing, the animation, all of it was perfect for this premiere. I can't wait to see more of this show; here's hoping Disney will have the sense to put it all on YouTube with ads.
  • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore reply I wonder how Doug would react to finding out Darkwing Duck appearing in the new series.
  • [ – ] AutobotJediIronmanYT reply That hair is not coming back, I presume? XD Sorry.
  • droidkiller reply Awesome, can I get 50 followers?
  • liamdude5 reply Tell you what, I'll watch when they somehow rope JK Simmons into this.
  • BrandonCroker reply Duckship, whoohoo!
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Idk, I like the old Duck Tales honestly.
  • brandon_roberts reply this reboot looks awesome, i can't wait for more <3 also nc do the netflix death note when it comes looks awful to me
  • [ – ] ikillomega reply I watched the full pilot right after getting about halfway through this review before I finished Critic's video. I am honestly surprised by how much I actually liked it. It was pretty damn funny!
  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply How come the only likable character is the dumb pilot?
    • [ – ] mdalsted parent reply What's wrong with the other characters? A lot of the other people that watch this seem to like them, flaws and all.
      • [ – ] GaryTurbo parent reply A greedy duck, his three wild nephew and two other forgettable characters
        • mdalsted parent reply Really? You dislike Scrooge because he's greedy, and the nephews because they're "wild"? What does the latter even mean in this context? : / And when you say "two other forgettable characters", are you talking about Donald Duck? Webby? Mrs. Beakley? How are they forgettable? I ask all this because I simply don't understand.
  • [ – ] Annunziata reply A good reboot?! What? Is that even a thing?
  • ZelphSpider reply Yeah, they released on youtube. For the US. Seriously, why they put a region restriction? There is anything they gain from it. Even their whole channel is blocked to me. The episode is good, I would watch more, but I'm not sure if I can because I don't if it will be avaliable in my country. Otherwise I have no choice but to pirate it.
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply Good work my friend! Love American accents!!!
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