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  • CoffeeCat reply So the feminists, who want to promote Mother's Day and shut down Father's Day, or worse yet have Father's Day be a day to attack fathers, have not made any statements about this event, it seems. The Women Against Violence Against Women group have not said anything either, because in this case it's violence BY a woman, against her own female child. These things are what SJW's and their ilk don't want you to know about. As for the guilty woman, the picture in the upper right-hand corner at 2min 45sec says it all. If that face doesn't say crazy, what does? Since she immediately sent those texts, waiting mere seconds after she left court, it seems unlikely she will be able to go 2 years without doing something else. Hopefully she does it to herself and it does not involve another attack on the child. This is the kind of scenario where you expect to see a news report about the ex and the kids being killed in a house fire, and the police are investigating an arson only to discover she...more has posted more 'selfies' of her standing in front of the house with a gasoline can in one hand. Naturally, feminists will say the oppressive patriarchy made her do it.
  • KimHanson reply Gary, I would like to link this on my facebook page for my family to see, but I just can't do it, just can't put them through this. I really don't want to scar these people I love.
  • The_Lamb reply These "Judges" should be hunted down along with the "Defence Teams". Cheers.
  • Mr_Cinders reply And the sad part is, that if someone takes these bitches out in the woods and put them down like the rabid dogs they are. Then that person would get sent to jail for life.
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