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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Well said! Autism (or any thing) is not an excuse for being a trash boy. Being trash is a choice especially some of the things this certain user done because they know what they done was wrong. Great video.
    • [ – ] ScreamoShaymin parent reply there is no medical excuse for doing something wrong. it is up to the person to make them who they are.
      • Rawman parent reply 100% agree. You might be limited to certain social situations (I should know it happens to me a lot lol). But choosing to break rules and make death threats is a NO DEAL!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply I've got mental health issues.. And I may mention it a few times in my videos only bc someone asked, or I'm embracing it. But I'd never use it as an excuse! Thank you for making this video and sharing your views!
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply Asperger Syndrome is a SOCIAL disorder. It's also no longer an official diagnosis as in the DSM-5, it was merged with High-Functioning Autism.
    • ScreamoShaymin parent reply When i called it a developmental disorder, i was saying what i found via google and using it as an easy to understand term. I do agree. It affects social skills more than development itself.
    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply Autisum used to be linked to mental retardation but recent developments have proven it's a social issue, not a developmental issue.
      • Sogen parent reply It sort of is a developmental issue. The term "developmental" usually refers to childhood, but autism is it's due to an abnormal brain development linked to some sort of genetic mutation, and it's therefor hereditary. While some scientists thought that it may be environmental, only about one case was actually linked with any probability, and even then it was probably outside forces causing the same genetic mutation while the infant was still a fetus.
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