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  • [ – ] TheHurtCrafter reply You obviously don't want to debate people with differing opinions when you leave a comment implying that anyone disagreeing with you is committing all the terrible acts you ennumerate in the video. As it happens, I watch David's videos on youtube and came to check out vidme based on his recommendation. This was the first video on this site that I watched. I'm sorry if my presence has disrupted your safe space.
    • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM parent reply No, you seem to be a fairly nice guy. However, your argument's are already based on implications and did you even watch the video? I'm asking you to mind your manners in arguments.
      • [ – ] Stragen parent reply Boss - after reading a bunch of comments from you and how everyone is wrong except you - i can officially say - I DON'T LIKE YOU - call me a troll , tell me you don't like me.Call me whatever - I dont care - I don't even want to get into an argument..... But if you think your going to convince people that this is all a conspiracy and just a big waste of time - go research Jimmy Savile or maybe the retired head of the Fbi (now dead) Ted Gunderson. How dare we question and try to do some research of our own without being censored into the world wide pedophile ring that now engulfs us. Grow up ...
        • GAM3RSDOOM parent reply Sorry to say you don't like me. However, I was just stating my opinion on the pizzagate matter that you all are up in tizzy about. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say everyone is wrong but me, if you're talking about everyone I discussed pizzagate with, I'm going to defend my opinion just like you would defend yours. I believe it's called conversation and if you're not going to listen to every side of a story then you're not getting the whole story. I believe all I asked was to have civil conversations and I have kept my side of that bargain. You're people , including you, can't making a single argument without trying to insult me. Now, do you expect me to just let you keep spewing ignorance and not say what I have to say? No, because that's not how civil discourse works. (It's also censorship) As for you liking me, that's fine. A little unfair to base that judgement on one argument, I'm sure we agree on plenty of other things. That being said, I was fine before I knew y...moreou existed and I'll be fine as soon as you leave. Ever think that maybe I have put time into researching this topic? Because I have. I've looked at the facts and I've looked at the conspiracy. The facts, are not related. None of the occurrences can be said to be related to each other and the only way they are related is if you make up a grand story that EVEN THEN only loosely ties everything together. I'm sorry that I prefer to live in a world of facts and logic, but it's better than making up false evidence and writing libel to ruin people who I don't likes lives. I have absolutely no problem with you researching into a topic and seeing if there is something there. You can do whatever the hell you want. What I do care about is making up evidence in order to further your research. That's what the media has a problem with. Defamation is illegal. You can't provide the facts to back up your argument and that argument has the ability to ruin TONS of peoples careers nobody wants to be the official person being sued. That's not censorship, the fact that pizzagate is being censored, as you say, isn't because of some grand conspiracy. It's because you haven't come up with any facts yet. Just loosely related occurrence that mean absolutely nothing on their own. It's a little ironic to me that because you can't handle my opinion of a subject you tell me to grow up. You know why it's ironic? Because that shows a real sign of immaturity. When you grow up and can handle other peoples opinions come back to me, I don't dislike you and to be quite frank I enjoyed our talk.
  • [ – ] jdoc477 reply Well if you see the results of the last eight years as well as the deception the leftist media has shoved down the American voting public throats you see why his community is on a war path with the leftist, liberal, democrat, socialist waste of sperm and egg people. Seems they aligned with this completely and almost elected a group of people including Hillary, and her rapist husband that are the scum of the earth. Just the fact they have associations with podesta and the like says a lot. Who would align them selves with such a group? Snowflakes? Idiots? Pedos? It seems all of the above. Quit trying not to show your triggered because it's obvious you are. Stand up for your beliefs and own up to it without looking for a safe space, where no one can debate you. Those days are gone.
  • Saolo reply I agree with you, doesn't matter what stance you have. I was hoping vidme could be a nice constructive platform for content creators, and even though I love news channels and really enjoy reading the opininons of people who are passionate abaout a topic like david's fans, I absolutely got my hopes destroyed of entering a content-friendly platform that didn't include the controversy of things outside content creation. I guess that at the end of the day, this is just another webpage.
  • GAM3RSDOOM reply Thanks everyone, unless your name is Kellylynn you couldn't argue this video with trying to insult me.
  • [ – ] Kellylynn reply People aren't just randomly calling people pedo's. It doesn't sound like you've done any research on the topic. It's thee single most disgusting vile topic I've ever researched. It's tough! So please don't lecture us about looking bad. Innocent children lives are at stake. And you're worried about looking bad? If you're open to researching our heated topic, I can surely help.
    • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM parent reply You're talking about pizzagate I assume? I have done more than enough research into it to determine that it is most definitely a conspiracy theory. Most arguments for it are grasping at straws that usually aren't even there.
      • [ – ] FaBon parent reply Do you know what a conspiracy theory is? It is that story about the Russians conspiring with D. Trump to hack the election in order to defeat Hilary Clinton, they still have absolutely no evidence that (A). the Russians hacked the election in order to help Trump, or (B). the claim that Trump was aware they were hacking (If they did) or (C). that it had any effect on swaying the voters one way or the other. Yet MSM and democrats far left and center, all still have their CONSPIRACY THEORY that all those things took place. There is another Conspiracy theory that the left Dems spout out about these days and that is that Pizzagate is about a conspiracy to legitimize Trump and villainize Hillary and the left. So we, who are concerned about this matter, are all conspiring for those ends. (That is their theory) See how this works? But we Do Not give a piss about HRC unless she is a Pedophile and Trump has been elected and is our legitimate President-elect so that is not even a point they ca...moren make. WHAT CONCERNS US are innocent CHILDREN and BABIES. The things we have discovered turn my stomach, have made most of us cry our eyes out, feel blood-boiling rage, loose much sleep and cause constant worry over these kids. We are good people, we are not on a witch hunt, I have some law background and based on the evidence I have seen, though admittedly circumstantial, I am at a loss as to why this has not been investigated by the DC police or the FBI yet. But for all we know they are investigating under secret indictment. I certainly hope that is the case. I can tell you one thing, If I was James Alefantis, owned several businesses and people were concerned about me being a ringleader or involved somehow in pedophilia, I would not act the way he has, I would insist that an investigation take place, try to explain the things we found and show facts to disprove the allegations. Why? Because I would not want even one person to suspect such a ghastly thing about me but mainly because I care about the safety and welfare and babies and little kids and because an innocent person does not blame those who worry about kids they work with them to find the truth and ease their minds. We welcoming a liable suit by Podesta, Alefantis or any of the name we mention. WE insist they sue us. Because then this will have it's day in court. Thank you for your understanding of our deep feelings about the safety and welfare of kids.
        • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM parent reply I'm not sure why you left half a wall of text that wasn't even relevant but OK. Where to start, we do know the Russians have hacked us and we have enough evidence to assume that it has something to do with the election. We don't know why they hacked us or if Trump was aware, but we do know that they hacked us. We also know that Russians were the biggest creator of fake news and that the news was pro-Trump. We also know (because idiots kept talking about the fake news as if it were true) that it had an impact on the election. Absolutely NONE of that has anything to with the original topic of this video or the other topic being discussed, the pizzagate conspiracy. You claim there is enough evidence to make a case, there is not. There are a bunch of loosely related events that you, and everyone else who believes this, have tied them all together by making up things that aren't there.
          • [ – ] 1Source parent reply Excuse me for noticing the hypocrisy, you call someone an idiot! You must be spending your days watching CNN.
            • GAM3RSDOOM parent reply Wait a minute, I stated a fact here. That's not an insult, if you believe everything that is put out there without verification then you most definitely are, an idiot.
            • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM parent reply Oh, yeah. I see the hypocrisy too. I'm naturally an asshole but I try to be as nice as possible. Since this whole situation blew out of proportion I've handled as much as I can, the kid gloves are off. No more mister nice guy. Other cliches.
  • GAM3RSDOOM reply Go ahead and insult me in the comments, you'd just be proving my point.
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