10 reasons we know the Earth is round

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  • [ – ] mark3r reply Just on the eclipse phenomenon. It's well documented, well in fact you can find a bunch of videos, showing the Sun up in the sky and the Moon fully eclipsed. That alone should make you question everything. The stars do not create a traveling pattern, in fact a circular path that revolves around polaris. That would only account for maybe the singular movement of spinning on our axis. It flat out debunks orbiting and traveling through space; that again should make you want to rethink what you were told by mainstream science. If you don't believe me grab a camera and make a time lapse of the stars.
    • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply If you can disprove modern science then go get your Nobel Peace Prize.
      • [ – ] mark3r parent reply So your reasoning is, because it's modern science, it must be true. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize... just in case your statement wasn't laughable enough.
        • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply Facts, just because you don't like them doesn't make them any less true. Something wrong with Obama? Besides, it's not like he won one for science so I don't see the reasoning for a comparison. Your "arguments" or lack thereof are what's really laughable here.
          • [ – ] mark3r parent reply Plenty of things wrong with Obama. But to stay on track; a peace prize to a president that promotes war behind the scenes? That probably makes sense in your heliocentric fantasy. I just gave you 2 great arguments that punched very big holes in the theories you believe in. "Belief" being a key word here, because you are choosing to believe what you are told; you're treating science like religion. Don't be lazy, do the work if you care to argue about this further. Cheers.
            • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply Oh my fucking god, you're an idiot. One doesn't have to believe science as one would religion. There is testable, repeatable proof. Do some research, go to a library, Google it. Please, don't be a moron your whole life.
              • [ – ] mark3r parent reply I'm an idiot for actually using my own mind? It's because I did the research that I am now able to question the people that want to control us. See if you question nothing of what you are told, that's when you surrender your mind and make it easy for your authority to control you. Calling people idiots and morons just feeds into the apparent frustration that you carry having to defend a fantasy. I used to be on that side unfortunately. I'm not asking you to google something, I'm asking you to go outside and do the work. No need to get angry btw, makes you look worse.
                • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply Trust me when I say I don't get angry online, it's pointless. I'm actually laughing at your ignorance. I don't believe anything I'm told... I research it. This is why I am an atheist, I did the research. It seems to me like you're clutching to this flat Earth bullshit the same way any worshiper would cling to their religion of choice... and we all know how sad that is. You used your own mind? Or did you get suckered into a conspiracy theory? Lol, you are killing yourself here. Still waiting on that peer reviewed, testable, repeatable evidence...
                  • [ – ] mark3r parent reply Hmm. Ok, so because I'm not backed by mainstream science I'm wrong. I see. You are making assumptions of someone you don't even know, so who's a theorist? I don't believe in theories.
                    • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply Don't believe in theories? Everyone does at some level. Look, I'm not going to continue wasting my time with an obvious loon so here: science is the prevailing model of how everything works. If you can provide evidence to the contrary then why are you arguing with me on Vidme? Go become a fucking legend! But since you can't provide evidence... you are theorizing. And doing a poor job at that.
                      • [ – ] mark3r parent reply You can't see that I did that? I provided evidence that you can look at for yourself. You say I'm ignorant lol.
                        • [ – ] BranTheLaw parent reply It seems I can't find anything on what you proposed from a reliable source...
                          • [ – ] mark3r parent reply Are you a reliable source? Or do you choose to trust others over yourself? This is the kind of thing you're not going to find in the mainstream my friend. Experiment for yourself. The easiest one is to make that time lapse I was telling you about. You can also launch a weather balloon using a lens that causes minimal distortion, a 35mm maybe. Or get software that corrects fisheye lens if you're using a gopro. I understand how crazy it sounds for someone to say the earth is flat... I was on your side not so long ago.
  • [ – ] Deborah1057 reply Omg Im sure Eric Dubay could dispute everything you just said. You really need to speak to someone. Your last part actually had me in stitches!! You claim all those pics weve seen over the years of our so called planets are real!! Even on Nasas own website, they have had to admit they are all cgi images!!! Its a fact, that no one and I repeat No One, has seen an actual picture of our Earth...it does not exist. Right up there with the original pictures of our so called moon landing. You seriously need to re-educate yourself, like many many of us have.
    • BranTheLaw parent reply If this guy can dispute what I've said then he needs to claim his Nobel Peace Prize because it's simple science. The NASA pics in question were only touched up, no complete CGI as you say. These touch ups are to render a more clear image. It seems to me that you need to educate yourself.
  • [ – ] DerKratz reply If the earth were flat, it could not be day on one continent and simultaneously night on another. Sunlight would strike the entire surface of a flat earth. Also, sunrise and sunset would be very different, oh, and the seasons as well.
    • [ – ] Elluminations parent reply not if the sun is simply alot closer than 93million miles! like a flashlight shinining on your kitchen table from 3 feet away
      • DerKratz parent reply Yeah, uh, no. Take a flashlight into a dark room with a flat surface object like a coffee table book. Turn on flashlight, move flashlight close to book - still light on entire surface. Now do same with a globe or a ball. Illuminating!
    • BranTheLaw parent reply Absolutely, thanks for the comment.
  • [ – ] JayBirdGamingTV reply There's so much evidence against a flat earth, that I don't understand how people can still think that it's flat
  • [ – ] krepster reply Lol I could dispute this clown
  • [ – ] LuciusVorenus reply Fkin A- idiots out there! How bout the sum of our parts atoms are round ! 90% bible blokes 10% followers r flat earth dorks
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