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  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply Thank you for saying that every series doesn't have be deep. It's really annoying when anime fans think every anime has to be something deep, but you really need the movie to finish it. Production IG always does good animation.
    • [ – ] Artalive01 parent reply Indeed... Sadly I forgot to mention the movie in the review but I still highly recommend it.
      • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply I liked Blood-C, the movie was great though.
        • Artalive01 parent reply The only thing I will say about the film is I wish there was just a little more action but hell I still loved it as it was great film indeed. Anyhow, as I said before I wont be reviewing much of anything that is brand new... Everybody already does that not to mention that I don't watch much of anything of the newer series whether it be out of disinterest or otherwise... Anyhow I would like to see what some of your thoughts are in the future on some series.
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