50 Things I Hate About High School

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Oh highschool...good days...NOT! if it weren't for my friends, I couldn't imagine how I would survive it. To all higschool students reading this! I believe in you! This too shall pass.
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Well, I'm in high school right now and most of this is quite accurate.
  • [ – ] EekTV reply So, do 100 Things To Do Before High School
  • [ – ] Everything_Animated reply I'm one of those rare people who actually loved high school more than hated. Don't get me wrong I hated homework and the teachers and some people. But I just had some of the best memories from High school and met some of the coolest people and college was icing on the cake. It sure did beat working. I'd trade it back in a heart beat.
    • [ – ] BedtimeGaming parent reply Haha definitely high school is a breeze compared to life, i don't actually hate high school tho, just a funny video to try to relate with people.
      • Orginaljun parent reply Yep after high school, i would play all day long zelda orcarina of time, super mario world etc. Because we are adults now we must think about rent, food on the table, work, work, work and little time you have on your hobby. Time goes fast so people just do it!! on what you really want to do. ^^
    • Orginaljun parent reply Yep in school can be fun, there is always 1 friend in the class you can become friends with. When becoming a adult making friends is hard and thats real life. So thats why its important to keep doing what you like in real life, because having a job you dont like will stress you out. Of course there is always no choice but to work the job you dont like, but save up the money and make plans for what you want do, to achieve your goals. God bless ^^
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