WarPathGaming The End of The Fake Account King (#VidMeCop)

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Thanks for making this video. Warpath is one of the first people who reached me here so initially I was a little bias, I heard WARPATH's side and also I read rumors that he was banned. I was conflicted and didn't know who to believe and I couldn't make a opinion unless having all the facts and information. Good job Rocky for not being afraid to go against likeable and popular creators and sticking to your content. Even if you like me, feel free to expose me if you need. ;) that's why we like you, because you are not bias. Keep it up.
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Thanks Aiya and I totally understand the bias people had it makes sense, but I will always try to remain as unbias as possible thanks for watchin Aiya
    • Rawman parent reply I'll be on Vidme Cop first! But I would watch Aiyas episode too!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Hahaha! The bat as Mr Deadpool! Awesome tackle! Huh... I wondered why my follower count drastically took a tumble on that same day XP lol That's cool though. I'd rather REAL people following me. Entertaining is everything to me, not the number! Thank you Rocky for bringing this to light! Praise be to Rocky!
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply Nice Job Rocky. So while Warpath_Gaming was a community leader and helped quite a few people, you're right, he was multi-account boosting. Warpath_Gaming is like Lance Armstrong, no matter how much he did help the community and was looked up to or respected, you still have to acknowledge he cheated the system. Now, with that said, I think he will still be missed in the community. All he had to do was give up the multiple accounts and keep helping the community and all would have been forgiven in time.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Absolutely I don't think he should have been banned, and I do believe he deleted his account because other people have used fake accounts and got caught and are still around. I think the main problem was that he was using these accounts to essentially choose who get more views because more upvotes=more views. Thanks for watchin man :)
      • Xexor parent reply Thanks for helping expose this. I didn't know Warpath_Gaming, but it sounds like overall he was a cool creator. I'm drawing a random parallel here, but stealing cookies from the cookie jar and giving them to your brothers and sisters is still stealing. Doesn't matter how many you help; if you do wrong, you should still be called out for it. I didn't listen to all of the back-and-forth here, but from all I *did* watch, it def. seemed like you took the higher road. He got super defensive super fast . . . usually a bad sign about someone's guilt. I think he went overboard with just deleting his accounts, though. I wouldn't have thought that meant his Vidme world would have been over because of that, but maybe he'll be happy in his future life. Hopefully.
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply I feel like garbage the fact I was manipulated into believing this guy was legitametly my friend. I was so brainwashed I posted that f**kn message on Twitter thinking he was a good guy. The second message which I didn't see in the video saying "If you respect me you won't make a video about this" shows this guy was covering his a** to continue to manipulate people into thinking Crazy Rocky was the problem. Everything I found out all the evidence this is nothing Rocky could of really destroyed this guy if he wanted to. If you still are denial you were either 1. In on it the entire time which I say "go f**k yourself" or 2. Benefiting from it the entire time which I say "read number 1". After yesterday my PTSD got so f**kn bad I nearly quit Vidme and gave up on everything and disappeared. I appreciate you making both these videos and I'm sorry I didn't stick up for you after the first one.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Jason. Nothing but repsect and understanding for you bro. The community​ love people like you and those who are truly speaking from the heart and real. You are trusting and I was also in your position. And there will be a lot of people in your position.
      • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Appreciate that and this has really shown me how grateful I am too have awesome friends like you and many others. It also makes it easier to have people to talk to who went through the same thing and I can relate too.
        • Rawman parent reply There is a lot of people like us man. Unfortunately. But we can be here to support and reasure.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Don't worry about it man as everyone now sees the guy was very manipulative. Yea I could gave bodied the guy even harder but I figure I shouldnt stir up more shit, if he had left quietly in the first place I wouldnt have even made this video but his "final response" made me realize this had to be done. Thanks for bein awesome man and I hope you don't leave vidme anytime soon because I love your content.
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Like I said in DM, I would never hold this against you. That was not your fault :) Got your back dude!
    • [ – ] GalaxyGaming parent reply I think we all want to believe the best in people and although warpath helped a lot of us me included it doesnt change his actions unfortunately :/ im here if you need someone to talk to.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Heres whats funny, I've been tracking Warpath for the longest time. Out of like 9000 videos he's uploaded I've only supported 2. These names you've listed, I've had written down, and slowly kept adding to the list as he grew and grew. I saw the last VidmeCop episode and still didn't by his bullshti story. He really tried hard to cover it up, but ultimately, chose the coward route and ran. I was never a fan of his, and he knew that. Let this be a lesson to everyone on vidme, fame isnt everything. Being at the top isnt everything. Putting smiles on peoples faces, improving your skills, and making damn good content for other to see and enjoy should be the ONLY reason we do this. Fuck the monetization, lets build a damn good platform first and shape it to what we what this fucking platform to be. If you're going to bot, or those that are currently botting read this, stop while you're at it. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Haha that intro was legendary!!! "The bat as Mr deadpool" hahahahaha. #BestShowOnTelevision Just wanna also say to anyone who shared my screenshots of private chats and stuff and made certain claims... great work protecting the guilty. Next time show both sides of a conversation. And I got my eye on you. Fantastic work Rocky. This was wonderful!! No respect for a cheater. Good bye. See you next week for Vidme Cop!!!!! BLURT! I CAN HEAR THE SIRENS COMING!!!
  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I'm honestly really ticked off about this. I noticed things myself, and then your previous video came out. The day Warpath left, I lost a bunch of followers too. Why? Because of what I thought too. I'm really upset by this. I looked up to him as a friend, as someone who wanted to legitimately help others. I nearly quit Vidme because of all this BULLSHIT. I try to keep an open mind but stuff was just piling up. I feel bad that I didn't give you more of a chance, Rocky. I'd rather grow on my own, rather than be boosted! Fuck that shit. If someone likes me, cool. If not, then too bad. Normally I just stick to positivity, but today I have some FIRE in me! Thanks for bringing out my wrath @CrazyRocky . Feel free to criticize the fuck out of me. I can take it. ^_~ DO IT.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply You were open to listening to this video so I don't blame you for not giving me more of a chance, I wouldnt have given me a chance either! And for the roast vid I may roast ya :P thanks for the permission
  • Zimbo_Gamer reply It's called a "tactical retreat."
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply That fucking faker, the fucking piece of horse Shit!, he used 13 sock accounts to game the fucking system on vidme, I just come from straight from Daniel Amenn's video today and for what I just heard the whole information about that no good pathetic faker warpath_gaming, I can not believe I supported that manipulative, untrustworthy faker who deliberately cheat the system for fame and popularity on to the trending page, this is absolutely damn right disgusting, and what warpathgaming did, was absolutely pathetic and selfish. The worst part is he was a fucking featured channel on vidme and that really frustrates me indeed, well I just learn something new from all of this, not everyone on this vidme community is nice and innocent, they will be some manipulative and untrustworthy people out there that will come from straight from youtube on to this platform and do what ever they can to break the rules in order to get fame and popularity for. Themselves and for that, I am not here to enter...moretaining their own Bullshit. Thanks for the info @CrazyRocky you rock.
  • SalBerry reply Welp, that escalated quickly XD I watched the other vid and those Mr_Deadpool comments were super sketchy when replying to himself from another account. I never spoke to him much, i'm sure he was a nice guy but faking views and upvotes isn't the way to grow, glad you made this. :)
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Kinda sad that it turned out to be true but definitely good to know you were completely right to make the video, another win for VidMeCop. Also feel free to roast anyone, including me if you feel like it lol :P
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply I had an off feeling about this guy. I'm not sure how to put it, but I just felt "Off" about him. I still supported him but now I feel like shit. I like to think of my self as an independent thinker but this just shows how easily one can be manipulated. Hopefully we avoid "False Prophets" like this in the future. This community needs great people to bring it forward, not liars.
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Very true, a lot of people fell for what he said but it's to be expected. Now though it looks like that is all over
  • ChaoticGaming reply Damn that mutha fucka had accounts like crazy lol get it no? Crazy? Ill stop
  • SubZeroAppleSauce reply Guess that's the end of that. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking of cheating the system: Detective Rocky is on the case!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Awwwww... I just read your hashtags! <3 you too! lol PS Feel free to roast me if you want lol
  • [ – ] MarcAngeloRocafort reply Warpath Gaming has now given me more trust issues -_- he was always supportive of my channel and now after seeing this, it now makes sense how I went from having 147 followers into 138, he was upvoting my videos but never comments, I'm beyond pissed off finding out he owned those multiple accounts, I geniuenly thoight I was getting support and being seen by different vidizens 😡😢 dude thanks for calling this guy, it sucks when people like hin does that shit.
    • linktheinformer parent reply The exact same number happened to me. Scary coincidence. But yeah...same thing happened to me. :(
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Yea he manipulated a lot of people by upvoting their content on multiple accounts. Also I lost some followers too so I feel it man it sucks that he was doin that
  • [ – ] Proto reply Now it makes sense why I've lost a lot of followers recently, and been lingering at 190ish. As a friend of him I was so confused and I guessed a little biased to believe that this wasn't him, but with conclusive evidence I can say wow. On a side note, all of those accounts were subscribed to me and it does make sense now. I tried not to give you hate in this situation cause the goal of your videos are to find the truth, not create any problems. I appreciate this video Rocky and hopefully you can keep finding more creators like this. I initially took this hard because I probably wouldn't be on vidme right now without him, but I think I've found a new reason to stay on it. Good stuff @CrazyRocky
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply Well dang. I shouldn't have been so nice in my video. 😂😂😂
  • [ – ] AwesomeGames007 reply Holy shit lightning asuna followed me! Low and behold I can`t find them in my follower list now. Good investigation.
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