David Seaman gets 100% PWND - Dead Man Walking.

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  • Niraken69 reply BTY, I am not blaming you for dividing and conquering. I just don't like to see this community like this. I'd say the same thing to him. In-fact, I will.
  • [ – ] Niraken69 reply This is exactly what they want! Infighting. Major win for the "other side".
    • [ – ] socksclinton parent reply dude he is using censhorship tactics to erase any videos with awesome arguements on why david seaman is a conman. the longer pizzagate stays in these beginning stages, the more money seaman gets. why do you think seaman never investigates; never brings anything new to light. he just repeats his lines about the instagram pictures, and hot dogs, etc. he literally has done zero minutes of research and knows as much about pizzagate as you and i .
  • [ – ] youaresheeple reply Do you know that Pizzagate is actually a Stratfor/Mossad campaign to bring down the Clinton campaign and incite hatred against liberals? Pizzagate is fake. Just drop it.
    • [ – ] Niraken69 parent reply Really dude? Answer just one question for me. "Do you think I'll do better doing dominoes on pasta or cheese?" Find the answer to that question and then get back to me.
      • [ – ] youaresheeple parent reply Domino's Pizza--get it? Christ, it was a clever play on words. Stratfor guys were the ones who said "Shipping hot dogs" and "Hot dog Friday". You're already told who did it and why. If you still don't get it after that and you want to keep falling for this Mossad/Wikileak trick, it's up to you.
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