INVESTIGATING! The Bible: WTF is Easter?

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  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply Wow, girl. You had me there! IT is so easy just to listen to your explanations... You have an outstanding way of boiling complexities down to its core.
  • [ – ] hasher411 reply I didn't think I would like this video, but I was very ... very.. wrong! I'm at -42:42 now! Wow! Great Video!
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Ha! Thank you! Comments like these are always my favorite. I like not only that some people will click on things to which they might have an aversion, but that they will further maintain an openness to listen throughout. Many thanks, friend. -GRB.
  • hasher411 reply -2:34 bringing it back to the core roots! Could not have said it better!
  • hasher411 reply -39:48 Wow! Wow! Wow! you have me on the edge of my chair!
  • [ – ] mccbythesea reply Great choice of 7x70.. make life more livable and the wisdoms contained in some of those recordings of an observed life that inspired many folks to reflect and be inspired to change their ways to live a better life...great explanation. Gospel of Mark was in the timeline first one written and the others based off his narrative (notice no birth story in that one)... excellent intro to Easter and fascinating choice to pick the story written by the tax man... well done
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Thanks @mccbythesea for your kind words :) I like Matthew for that purpose, bare bones - hard to argue with some universal truths. But I mean, who knew Jesus was so sassy?! So witty, so quick-tongued. It begs the question, in the 30 years he is supposed to have been absent, where did he go and what did he do, that could have made him so wise? Did God bestow such wisdom immaculately also? I think not, for the Bible shows all too often that he makes even his Chosen Ones, his Son, work hard to fulfill His will. Many thanks for tuning in, I always appreciate feedback, commentary and most of all, your time :) Best, GRB.
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