It's Okay to Think Breath of the Wild Sucks

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  • devbyrd1 reply If you want a good laugh go to the negative user reviews for Loz :Breath of the Wild on Metacritic
  • D1ckyPr05T41nt reply I think it's a good game on a gimmicky console that probably shouldn't exist. I haven't ever seen a game that deserves 10/10. Except of course for Barbie Supermodel: 1992.
  • valereth reply I have not played Breath of the Wild. I do not have the Wii U and cannot afford the Switch I did play Fallout 4, and I was severely disappointed by it. They removed so much RPG depth that made Fallout 3 and New Vegas (and 1 and 2 really) so great and left it feeling more like an open world first person shooter with some RPG mechanics than an actual RPG.The shooting mechanics still aren't that great, though. There are other FPS games with much better shooting mechanics like Wolfenstein: The New Order and Doom. It left the game feeling like a hallow shell of its former self, and it just made me want to play Fallout 3 again instead.
  • GreyAlarm reply My God this game's colors look faded as hell
  • devbyrd1 reply No its not. jk
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