WWE Payback review/results 4/30/17-House Of Horrors Match Orton vs.Wyatt

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  • [ – ] SlanderManlol reply Yo dude go check out WWENETWORK channel in vidme he actually does full matches on Pay-Per-View​
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Hello human!! Payback was not THAT bad -- some of the matches were quite good, don't you think? But... House of Horrors match... oh no, that was..... terrible for me. Tacky, nonsensical, fail logic and ruined things for me. But the other matches were mostly quite good, even if I'm not sure why Jericho won. I wish Finn Balor was entering a feud with Rollins instead of Wyatt. Everything that Wyatt touches lately has been horrible, because WWE doesn't know how to write his character at all. :( I'll come find you on YouTube human!
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