Best GBA Games No One Played (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Kuchiri reply MKSC: I played the hell out of this game on my GBA. I was excited when I was able to play it on my 3DS when they gave it for free (and nine other games) Wario Land 4: Also was given out for free during the first year of the 3DS, and I 100% it the second it came out. It's a great game. Close second to WL2 in my list of favorite Wario Land Games. DK: Never played it, probably wont. T.Ogre: Loved it on Playstation. Never played the GBA version Sword of Mana: Really? I had no idea why you would consider this an obscure game. I remember just about everyone playing it years ago in my circles. Weird. Mario Pinball Land: It was in a half dozen issues of Nintendo Power in a row. I played it just because it had so much advertisement. I have no idea what Payback was. Interesting.
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