Persona 5 - Captured & Tortured?! Episode 1

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  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply You're about to ha e so much fun! The Persona series is so fun! Oh, and Atlus the company that created Persona created Catherine!
    • [ – ] MissMulti parent reply I hope so! I am super excited that intro was so good! Ahhh so that's why it felt so similar even the monster designs were wacky like Catherines. Awesome! I've been wanting some crazy monster designs like this for a while xD
      • AnimeReviews parent reply Yeah, I'm going to restart my let's play of Persona 3 here on Vidme! But have fun with Persona 5 I keep wanting to see the next video!
  • CapnMintbeard reply I think the main character from Catherine made a cameo in one of the Persona games.
  • CandyPhantom reply That intro looks awesomesauce! For a minute there, I thought I was watching Yuri on Ice xD I love Persona! I have the 3rd game on my PSP and you're right, this installment has a different theme from the one I have. This looks really good! Atlus did a good job. It looks like Joker is a bad guy or well, they're making him a bad guy
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