Do I have a bad taste in games, or is everyone else more cynical?

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  • Rawman reply Fallout 4 is an amazing game. But i played skyrim back in the day and didnt invest in it right. I speed run fallout/skyrim lol. Basically the game is not made for me. Its aimed for someone who wants to immerse. Not someone like me who needs the instant action of uncharted.
  • Rawman reply I've only played fall out 4 and a bit of vegas. I think i played fallout 3 also or maybe I'm thinking fallout 4 is 3. Either way. I typically like games people don't. Mario 2. Zelda 2. Bullet witch. And hate games people love. Mgsv the Witcher. But i am able to be objective about a game and recognise mgsv and Witcher are amazing.
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